Saturday, 30 June 2012


So unless you've been held captive on planet Zogg (wherever that might be) you'll have at least heard of Pinterest. I was quite late to the party, but I've got to say, I'm hooked. It's so pleasant to while away a few minutes, *ahem* hours, looking at pretty things. Admittedly most of the fashion will not be winnning any awards for innovation, but if you want to view lots of though out, put together, grown up cuteness this is your place. So, to that end I decided to put together my own Pinterest inspired outfit today.

Firstly please forgive my creased appearance, I didn't get chance to take pics when I first got ready, so this is the result of 2 sweaty train journeys and some intense city centre shopping in some not so pleasant humidity.

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What I wore...

Shirt - South at Littlewoods (past season)

Jeans - New Look

Pumps - New Look

Scarf - H&M

I've also noticed lots of friendship bracelets popping up on Pinterest of late too, so I took a trip down memory lane and made myself one, just like I used to in the 90's... Awwwww

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I've blogged about the wing bracelet before but just in case anyone's interested, it's from the most amazing and wonderful Hairy Growler...

So, have you caught the Pinterest bug yet, or have you had your fill of social media-ry type sites?

Oh yeh... If you want to see what I've been pinning, you can find me on

Monday, 25 June 2012

Review: IGIGI at Curvy and Stylish

Hello lovely folk of blogland. A while ago...(OK a long while ago, sorry Tanya) The lovely Tanya, owner of Curvy and Stylish contacted Toni and I to see if we'd like to review a piece from the IGIGI range she stocks. Curvy and Stylish carry a range plus size designer wear including Anna Scholz, Carolyn de la Drapiere  and Fiona Paxton. 

I was really excited because, I've always wanted to try an IGIGI piece especially after seeing Nicole's blog about her visit to IGIGI HQ in San Francisco. 

Of course Toni and I ended up picking the same dress, so instead of having a fight, no seriously, I would have wrestled her for it... we decided to go for the same piece but dress it in two different ways. Toni has gone for casual and I've gone dressy.

The dress itself is the IGIGI Green and Blue Maxi, priced at £84.98. For an occasion dress I think is quite reasonable and as I'm sure Toni will display it can quite easily be worn again in a casual style.

This is my movie star pose.... 

I loved the feel of the dress and how well made it was, its fully lined and is made of a heavy polyester/elastane mix, so its got plenty of stretch in it. I'm actually wearing the US 14/16 which is a UK 18/20 so its very generous. The blue and green aren't colours I'd usually go for, but I really liked them. I accessorised with pearls and off white hair flower.

And here's one of me being a complete tool for your viewing pleasure
I will most definitely be wearing this again, with flip flops and my now famed denim jacket for a smart casual day look.

** Disclosure.. This item was gifted to me for review. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are my own**

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Five Take: Festival Chic

Howdy! It's Five Take time, this week we're doing Festival Chic. Let's firstly get this one out of the way, shock, horror, I've never been to a festival. I hate camping, I hate portaloos. I would love to do one, but until I can afford to stay in a swanky hotel or chic teepee this ain't happening. But; should I ever go to a festival, I would consider wearing something like this....

From what I've seen most festivals are a complete wash out, so I've gone for layers. Ideally, I would have liked to have worn wellies, but alas, wellies to fit the fat girls calves a few and far between and I'm yet to own a pair. I'm sure there are some out there, I just haven't searched extensively. Thick black tights and highwaisted shorts are teamed with a long sleeve leopard print top (it's actually my ASOS leopard print dress) my coral scarf for a bit of colour and my fab lightweight parka.

I would have liked to have worn denim shorts with this, but I'm waiting for some to arrive that I've ordered from the new look sale. Yet again, I digress....Apologies for the grumpy arse pic, don't know why I didn't crack a smile, I'm in a fairly good mood, I promise!

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What I wore...

Parker - Simply Be (past season) Dress (worn as a top) - ASOS

High waisted shorts - Love Label at Littlewoods (past season)

Boots - Kurt Geiger

Tights - Evans

Scarf - Internacionale

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I think festival chic is moving away from the traditional boho styling and people are expressing their style a bit more in what they wear. Which is no bad thing. I like the boho styling, and I was into in a big way a couple of years ago, but, I just don't feel it's me any more. I'd like to think the earrings are just a little nod to this.

Check out the other Five Takers Festival stylings......

Rebecca - The Plus Side of Me

Nicole - A Well Rounded Venture

Gina - Fat Fit Fine

Claire - A Monkey Fatshionista

Saturday, 23 June 2012

OOTD: Good things come to those who wait...

So you might remember I was lucky enough to be invited to London by Evans to see the preview of the Clements Ribeiro collection. The were a couple of stand out pieces for me including the "Betty" dress in both the broderie anglais and the heart print, the cut was just outstanding, but the fact of the matter was at £90 I just couldn't afford it. So when the Evans sale started last week I was excited to see if any of my favourite pieces had come down in price. Unfortunately my two favourite dresses had sold out, but Luckily the "Diana" top in both the heart print and the purple pansy were both in the sale, and I just couldn't resist! I was not disappointed when they arrived they are as beautiful as I remember, the fabric is lovely and the prints are gorgeous. So today we popped round to my friend Rebecca's house as it was her little boys birthday, I have to do a shameless plug here Rebecca runs the most fab website, Sell My Wedding, a dedicated online market place for pre-loved wedding items, I just love it because I know how expensive weddings can be, so its so nice that people can recycle their wedding stuff and know its going towards brightening another persons special day! So if you're planning a wedding head over to ok, so shameless plug out of the way, on to the clothes.

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What I Wore

Tunic - "Diana" Clements Ribeiro for Evans

Leggings - George at Asda

Ballet pumps - New look

Denim Jacket - South at Littlewoods

Bag - Clarks

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So have you noticed the phone box? Yeh in my weird little part of the world all the phoneboxes are cream, so thought it would be cute (ok stupid) to have my outfit pics took outside one.

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Did you pick up any of the Clements Ribeiro collection? What did you think of it? Are you excited to see the AW collection?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

OOTD: I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok...

So from the blistering heat of yesterday, I found myself reaching deep into my wardrobe and pulling out one of my favourite slob about, rainy day shirts...

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What I Wore

Checked shirt - Tesco

Leggings - Sainsburys

Boots - Kurt Geiger

So I'm totally aware this is like the worlds most boring outfit, but just thought I'd share an everyday kind of look with you! Hope you don't mind!

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What do you wear to slob around in?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Love is in the air....

It's true, it really is... The lovely Olivia of Wait Until The Sunset got engaged in New York last week, I defy anyone to read her post and not shed a little tear, the sheer elation and joy in her face is a wonder to behold.

Over on twitter there was much talk about the new BBC series True Love. The first episode aired on Sunday evening and although for some it made for uncomfortable viewing I think it was beautifully done and spoke volumes without that much dialogue, the unspoken emotion between characters was for me compelling.

I think for me though, the most poignant viewing this week was the final episode of Desperate Housewives (I know, its Desperate Housewives, but stick with me..) in particular Lynette's Maid of Honour speech. For those who don't watch it, she spoke of taking love for granted and how once that ring is on your finger you can find yourself looking for the next big event in your life, looking around for something to make you happy, when in fact, you are happy you just forgot.

I guess that brings me round to my point.... If there is one..... Sometimes we forget, we take for granted those close to us.

Seeing fabulous women like Olivia find love, and feel so much joy should, I hope, give anyone who is in search of that, eternal hope.

I think for a Plus Sized woman, dating can sometimes feel even more hopeless than maybe our slender counterparts, I've spoken about this before in my Plus One? Post, in a world consumed with appearance, and one that dictates that thin is good, fat is bad, it can be hard to catch a romantic break. Many people will deny their true feelings towards someone because aesthetically they don't meet what society dictates is attractive. Well you know what? Fuck you society, everyone is entitled to their Mr/Mrs Right, don't settle for anything less than thunderbolt, earth shattering, supportive, wonderful love. You deserve every little bit of it. Trust me. And that goes for everyone thin, fat, tall, short, Martian the bloody lot.

I found my earth shatterer, I just forget it sometimes. Sorry Mr BeBe.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Five Take: Thrifted

Hello guys! Hope Monday treated you well. Sorry my Five Take is a day late this week, but to be quite honest I was just having too much fun at the weekend to write my blog! I spent the weekend in my home town, we went to my best friends Giselle's house for a takeaway a few drinks and a giggle to celebrate her 30th birthday. It was lovely to see her and catch up I miss her so much!

So anyway, this weeks challenge is Thrifted. Thrifted always makes me laugh, it's one of those terms that in the UK at least has become trendy in the last 5 years or so, before that you just bought something from a charity shop or car boot sale, there was no fancy term for it, but I guess it sounds a bit cuter so, so be it I guess!
I have a few Thrifted pieces in my wardrobe, including some lovely vintage dresses, a few new pieces that still had the labels on when I found them and some gorgeous bags. I decided today to showcase the latter, I always gets comments on this bag when I use it, and when people ask where I got it from and I tell them the charity shop they gasp or look disappointed! The bag itself doesn't have any labels in it so I don't know she it was from originally, so if you recognise it, please do tell me where it was from, I'm ever so curious. I kind of think judging by the quality (which isn't the greatest) its just from a supermarket or high street brand, nothing special, but I really love it.

What I wore
Pleated coral maxi - Primark
T shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Denim Jacket - South @ Littlewoods
Boots - Kurt Gieger
Handbag - Thrifted... British Heart Foundation

A bag...... No funny comments....

Do you know this bag?

Some people have mixed feelings towards Thrifted clothing and accessories, but I think it's becoming much more socially acceptable, it's seen quite rightly, as recycling nowadays. I do know some people who would still see it as "trampy" but that's up to them hey?

Head over to the other ladies to see how they did Thrifted.....

What are your feelings on Thrifted? Do you like the thought of recycling, maybe finding a bargain or giving an unwanted object a new home? Or do you see it as a bit scruffy maybe, or unpleasant?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

OOTD: Ditsy Doo!

Quick OOTD from me, had a few jobs in town to do when I spied this little number in my wardrobe. I got it a while back and I've only worn it once. This first time was on Poppy's birthday, but because I knew I'd be running around after her all day I teamed it with jeans. But n this occasion I thought I'd wear my M&S navy tights and accent it with tan leather accessories.

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Please excuse the tea towel on the floor, oh the intense glamour of my photographs astounds me sometimes....

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

What I wore.....

Dress - Peacocks (via eBay)

Tights - M&S

Shoes - New Look

Belt - Simply Be

We act surprised every year about the English summer, and i know i shouldn't be, but really? Woolly tights in June....? What items are you having to pull back out from the back of the wardrobe to to make up for the disastrous summer?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day Tripper!

So last week, Toni, Mhairi and I went to visit one of the Plus North Sponsors Dea London, whilst in London we thought we'd take the opportunity to visit our lovely friends over at Chesca too. I'm always fascinated to see how companies work, look behind the scenes and get an insight into what drives them.

Our first appointment was at Chesca, as well as having a chat with several members of the team we also got to have a look at the current range in the show room, peek through a few windows to the cutting room and have a general nose. It was fabulous! I also told them how much you all loved the now famous jumpsuit!!

I couldn't resist getting snapped with some of my favourite pieces too. This navy jersey drape dress is just so beautiful its a substantial heavy jersey with a fabulous drape hemline, I can see this simple but classic dress accessorised with turquises or corals, sparkly sandals and chunky jewellery.


One of my other favourite pieces was this beautifully delicate champagne blouse with black lace trim. I like that it could be worn in quite a formal outfit with some black palazzo pants, but would equally look great with skinny jeans and black ballet pumps for lunch with the girls.


So after our lovely visit to Chesca we headed on over the Dea studio to meet the fabulous Jelena, the lady behind Dea London. Jelena's beautiful but modest studio was a hive of activity, based in an fabulous building that housed lots of different creative ventures. Jelena had very kindly offered to make Toni and I outfits from designs that we got to work on with Jelena, it was an amazing opportunity to work with Jelena. Once we had discussed our designs, Jelena set about measuring us up.




We also got to take a look at the Dea London range. The finish and detailing is just impeccable, and yes although the price range is high end, the quality in fabric and finish go a long way to explain that. Every seam is finished beautifully, thoughtful and clever details give each garment a unique feel.



Dea London will be exhibiting at Plus North and Jelena is so excited to hear what you think of the range and listen to your ideas and feelings about Plus Size clothing! So be sure to drop by her stand and have a chat, she's just fab I promise!!

You can visit both the Dea London and Chesca websites here....

Monday, 11 June 2012

Plus North: Sponsor Spotlight -

Hello! In the run up to Plus North, myself and Toni will be doing a couple of sponsor spotlights on our blogs. The first in the series is fabulous webzine -

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Plus-Size-Tall is a one stop shop for all your plus size needs, it features all the latest plus size news, fashion stories and trends and the plus size community features forums and a directory. The site has information for not just the plus woman but for the chaps too, which makes a welcome change! There is also a dedicated section for all the latest vouchers codes so you can grab yourself a bargain and a handy blog directory lists Plus size bloggers for your perusal.

The site also runs regular competitions and is currently hosting a model search for Plus Size model, photographer and all-round figure of fabulousness Velvet d'Amour. So if you have aspirations to strike a pose why not have a look?

We're so pleased Plus-Size-Tall decided to be one of our sponsors for the event and we hope you will take the time to head on over to their website and have a good old poke around!

You can also follow them on twitter @plussizetall or give them the thumbs up on Facebook

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Five Take: Animal print

Hello! It's Five Take time of the week again, in case you're not familiar with the concept, myself and 4 other pus size bloggers, Rebecca, Nicole, Claire and Gina take a different theme each week and do our own interpretation. This week we're doing animal print.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke of my minor *ahem* obsession with bird print, well if that's minor, my obsession with leopard print is bordering on manic. I have leopard print clothes, accessories shoes and bags, if it's made in leopard print, I probably have it.

For this weeks challenge I decided to wear my newest leopard print acquisition for this weeks challenge, a fab maxi skirt I picked up from Primark for just £10!

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What I Wore

Skirt - Primark (available in store)

Top - Love Label @ Littlewoods

Boots - Kurt Geiger

Necklace - Curvissa

Bangles - New Look (similar)

When I went to London last week I wore this outfit twice because it was so comfortable, the maxi came with a belt but as per usual it didn't fit, but I prefer my trusty Dorothy Perkins one anyway. I love how I can wear this skirt with my boots for quite a tough look but I know I could equally make it look a bit more boho with sandals, a more floaty top, maybe in a cream and some pretty accessories. My accessories for this outfit had a bit more of a tribal feeling with the wooden bangles and feather necklace.

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Obviously leopard is not the only animal print out there, I wonder if any one will rock a zebra or maybe a snake print? Head on over to the other five take ladies to find out...

Claire -

Nicole -

Rebecca -

Gina -

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Review: Curvissa

Off I toddled to work today, selling my tea and cakes.... For those newer readers I run a vintage style tea party business, anyway, yesterday I received a lovely parcel from the guys at Curvissa which included these lovely denim Capri pants which I thought would be ideal for work today as I could "retro them up" so to speak.

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I was really pleased with the cut and fit of the jeans, the denim isn't too heavy, but still feels substantial and they have enough stretch in them to be comfortable. When I looked at the sizing chart it was apparent I'd have to size up from my usual 22(UK) to a 26(UK), something I've learnt since I started blogging, for some reason it never previously entered my head to look at sizing charts! (how dumb am I?) So thank you fellow bloggers!

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I love how they've been casually styled on the site, I'm definitely going to style them casually next time I wear them. Well as I write this it's gone 9pm, I've had them on for over 12 hours now, and unlike a lot of jeans I wear, I'm not desperate to take them off, so not bad going! Oh and one last thing.... Did I mention I'm writing this from my new iPad? YEY! I finally managed to save enough money to replace my deaded laptop, so undecided to treat myself to an iPad instead! So far, so good!!

*Disclaimer: This item was gifted to me for review. I have not been paid to write this article or comment favourably on the item/brand, all opinions are my own.*

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Five Take: Pastels

Hello!! Sorry for the absence of a Five Take last week, due to several factors we decided to skip a week, so here we are back with pastels!

I had to google pastels because although of course I had a rough idea of pastels I thought I didn't have anything in that spectrum, turns out the spectrum is a tad wider than I thought. It looks like my beloved coral falls into it, so it gave me the opportunity to wear my new pleated skirt.

What I wore:
Top - Primark
Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Next via eBay
Umbrella - Paperchase

The skirt is one those try and see items from Primark, it's only a 16 but I just had to have it and luckily due to the jersey and elasticated waist band I can get away with it! It comes across a lot brighter than it actually is, but I guess the collar of the top is a bit pastel as well, so I think I met the challenge?

And yes, its absolutely tipping it down here, so probably not the most practical of outfits, I think if I popped a black vest top, black biker boots and my denim jacket it would be more weather appropriate and harden up the outfit somewhat.

Boooo, hiss to the rain!!

As always head on over to the other Five Take folk and check out how they handled pastels....

Saturday, 2 June 2012


You might have noticed I've been a bit MIA, well I've been in London since Wednesday. Toni and I had a few meetings for Plus North and spent sometime catching up with friends, and like the excellent blogger that I am *ahem* I totally forgot to take any photographs. The fact of the matter was I was too busy having fun! 

I did how ever manage to get some snaps of what we got up to on our first night there, the very clever folk at Tesco have set up a F+F pop up shop in the lovely Covent Garden. We'd arranged to meet Rivkie from SLiNK Magazine there, where she gave me a sneak preview of issue 6, it's looking AMAZING! 

Anyway I digress. So we headed into the shop, as with all the outlets in Covent Garden it was small but perfectly formed, bright and airy the shop showcased some key pieces from the current S/S line giving customers a chance to touch and feel for themselves.

The beautifully dressed store at Covent Garden

Just some of the gorgeous clothes available online at the moment
I really enjoyed how technology was used to give the event a real interactive feeling. Along with iPad's dotted around the store enabling you to order there and then, there were posters up that utilised augmented reality (I won't even pretend to understand what that's about!!) and all the products were labelled with QR codes so you could scan the products you liked. You could also try on items before you bought them by picking up one of the item cards from the garment you liked, taking it down to the changing area where a helpful assistant would get the item in your size!

As well as all the lovely F+F products, The Vintage Cosmetic Company where on hand to give your eyes a splash of glam with their beautiful false eyelashes. They also offer other fabulous vintage inspired cosmetic accessories like cute rose patterned tweezers and brushes. You can follow them on twitter @thevintagecosco or for more info email them on

Here's Toni getting the star treatment and just some of the gorgeous range of accessories on offer.
You might have noticed that some of my pictures are a little squiffy, safe to say I had guzzled a little too much champagne, but we had an absolute blast! 

The shop is open until the end of today, if you're in the locality do pop in, its really good fun!!