Monday, 28 May 2012

Dirty Fat Secret....

So.... I was having my weekly torturous read of the Daily Fail website, yes, yes I know but it's kind of like a car crash, sometimes you can't help but look, a morbid fascination if you will. When I happened upon a story about Gemma from TOWIE. Now those of you on the Plus Size fashion scene will probably know who she is, as of late she's been popping up a store openings and speaking of a forth coming plus fashion line. I myself only know of her because of this. I've never seen the programme she features in, but I thought I'd have a read of this article...

The general gistage is, she gave him a hand job a while back and when questioned by his friends if he's slip her one, he basically said, she's pretty but fat, maybe if I was drunk. Well of course I was naturally outraged, vile disgusting little man. If you don't fancy her, just say, "no sorry, I don't fancy her" but don't play the old beer goggles card, you'd either give her one or not. Simple.

After much discussion on twitter it would appear this is not the first time he's said this to her and yet she keeps going back to fratenise with this little scrote.

I of course said I would a. Knock him out and b. not even entertain him. But then I thought back over my dating time and although Gemma herself is the same age as me, she reminds me of me 10 years ago. I have indeed been many a man's dirty little secret, quite happy to get a blow job out of you, but would never take you out in public. Comes home with you after a night out whilst leaving his thin "public" girlfriend at home.

I've been ridiculed in the workplace by all the lads in the garage I worked in, yet still went home several times with one of them, all the time thinking I'd achieved something, but I hadn't had I? Because he'd never tell the lads he liked me, that he'd slept with the fat girl from the office.

And why did I do this to myself? Well, lets not lie, I was horny for starters, but mainly because I wanted attention, I wanted to be loved and validated, but all I was doing was hurting myself. Over and Over again.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

OOTD: Summer in the City

Hello!! This evening I come to you via my iPhone blogger app, so apologies in advance for the appalling composition of this post, it will be all words, then all pictures as the app isn't quite up to interspersing pics amongst text.. Sort it out blogger app development type folk.

Anyways, me, the baby (yes I will stop calling her a baby soon) and Mr BeBe popped into Hull City Centre today, it's a 20 minute train ride from our little market town, which train mad Poppy appreciated muchly!

We did a spot of shopping and lunched at Nandos, popping Mr BeBe's Nandos cherry I might add! Before heading home, via Krispy Kreme doughnuts (nom).

I wore my new printed peg leg trousers from Tesco -

And I found some fab long line vests on eBay that go up to a size 22 in a lovely stretch rib jersey -

The sandals are last season from George at Asda.

And now for the Pics..... in no particular order, thanks crappy blogger app......

Friday, 25 May 2012

Ok Cor(r)al

Eeeeee! How nice is the weather? Sorry to be a weather bore, but I truly love sunny weather it cheers me up no end! 

I'm not, however the best summer dresser, I can get a bit lazy and just bang on a jumpsuit or maxi for ease and convenience. So, when I had a voucher to spend at Tesco earlier this month I decided to get a few bits that we're outside my comfort zone.

One of the items I bought was this lovely coral peter pan collar jersey dress. In some senses I guess it isn't that far out of my comfort zone, I love a peter pan collar and coral is one of my favourite shades, but I am most certainly not comfortable with my legs. I just don't like them, they're a weird shape, so I don't tend to bare my legs that often.

What I wore:
Dress - Tesco
Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Lifes Big Canvas
Shoes - Next

The dress did indeed prove to be a little too far out of my comfort zone so I popped a pair of pedal pushers on for my own comfort, I was just so scared of flashing my knickers at people! I know I'm a complete wimp!! 

Michael kind of caught me with my eyes shut for this one, it was so bright and lovely I closed my eyes for a moment in the sun!!

So anyway back to the dress, at just £16 is a great addition to my summer wardrobe, and maybe my confidence will grow and I'll feel brave enough to wear it with out the capri pants!!!...maybe.

Does summer pose a wardrobe challenge for you? Do you have a summer uniform that you could maybe do with mixing up?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Just checking in...

Howdy lovely blog folk, still without my laptop *yawn* still limited access so I thought I'd do a little catch up post. 

So on Saturday I held a pop up tea room at the Hull Vintage Fair, it took place in the very impressive Guildhall. I served up my usual bevy of beautiful cakes and tasty tea to the masses. Its always fun meeting people and seeing peoples reaction to all the vintage china and hearing peoples stories about how their nan had the same set, or how they got the same set as a wedding present!

Then on Sunday we went to the Malton Food Festival, we went last year for the first time and loved it so much we had to go again this year. On arrival I saw James Martin and for some reason went all a flutter, obviously I was harbouring some deep buried crush on him, he was very handsome and hey, he can cook, so I guess what's not to love?!

I didn't manage to get any pics of the food, I was too busy trying it all and getting drunk on Sloe Vodka, which, I of course, bought a bottle of...

Monday was spent working on Plus North stuff, for which I wore my Five Take Outfit, its really coming together now, Toni and I are so excited about it, especially as our latest confirmed sponsor is Benefit cosmetics!! 

Not only are they donating a £250 voucher (WOW) for the raffle, they will be giving away spot prizes on the day along with make up tutorials and will be there to answer any of your make up queries!! I also featured as guest blogger on two of my favourite sites...

Then came Tuesday and along with it..... the SUN!! I love sunshine, summer days and all that comes with it! Poppy and I spent the day playing in the garden, splashing in the paddling pool and eating ice-cream! 

And then came today, not so sunny as the previous day, but still mighty fine. I had some errands to run in town and Mr BeBe is a tad poorly so we had to go to the docs so I opted for comfy....

The t-shirt is supposed to be a drop hem, although it just kind of cuddles my bum, but I quite like that!! Ha!! I got it from Dorothy Perkins, click here for the info... I can see it will come in handy though, the material is really light weight and its so comfy! The outfit itself is a bit boring really, but one can't be dolled up to the nines all the time eh?

So anyway there you have it, just thought I'd let you know what's been happening in BeBeland (yeh, its a place.... in my head anyway)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Five Take: Bird Print

Oh my..... this weeks five take is a bit of a treat for bird print obsessed Claire and indeed me! I had that much to choose from I wasn't sure where to start, but then realised I'd blogged a big chunk of it! Luckily I'd just ordered my newest piece from George at Asda and it arrived just in time. I'm not quite sure why or how I became obsessed with bird print. I think it was the original swallow print dress from New Look all those years ago, you can see me wearing mine here....

So anyway, this latest acquisition is a bit different, most of my existing bird print is swallows, but this one is PARROT!! Thats right!!! 

Sorry about the crappy pic AGAIN, I've totally lost my mojo!!

What I wore....
Parrot print jumpsuit - George at Asda
Cardigan - South at Littlewoods (Past season)
Sandals (just seen) - Primark

I'm wearing my orange geometric plastic necklace that I've had since just before I got married, I wore it on my hen night, with the New Look pixelated flower print dress (do you remember it?) but I can't remember where the necklace is from, I love it!

And the jumpsuit? I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's like wearing pyjamas in public, whats not to love? and parrots? I LOVE it!!! 

So I wonder how the other Five Takers did the bird.....(Everybody's heard about the bird) (Sorry couldn't resist)

Do you have a print obsession? Are you a floral fan, stripey addict? Tell me what floats your printed boat!

If you happen to like what I do.....

Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all super and well. I thought I'd pop a little post up asking you all a favour really. As the title of this post suggests, if you happen to like what I do, and think maybe I deserve a little recognition for it, could I ask you mosey on over to the next website and perhaps nominate me for the Cosmo newcomer award?

Not only would it be super and fab to be nominated but it would be REALLY great to see a Plus Size Fashion blog in the nominations, we're a small community but I often think plus size blogs play an even more important part in their readers fashions choices and inspiration than perhaps a straight sized fashion blog. You know I've banged on about it before, but blogs really are the only place you can see fashion and clothing on a body shape and size more familiar to your own and give the plus woman a sense of hope and confidence that she can't very often find in the general media.

So I'll get off my soap box now and just ask, if you do happen to like what I do, click on the picture below and fill in a very quick couple of boxes and nominate me for a blog award. Thank you muchly,

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

BeBe's big day out....

I woke up yesterday morning more than a little stiff from the day before's activities (sounds dodgy, trust me its not, I'll write a blog about it soon, it involved carrying heavy boxes fields and cows..... that does not help does it?)
Anyway I boarded a train at Beverley Train Station, headed southbound to our countries great capital.....

A little montage, if you will, of the first part of my journey....

I changed at Doncaster and met up with the lovely Toni of "The only Way is Toni" where we headed south to meet up with the lovely Mhairi of "Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps"

So I've just realised I haven't told you why!! Ha Ha! Sorry!! So I was lucky enough to be invited to the A/W Preview for Florence+Fred at Tesco! The launch itself was held in Marylebone in the stunning "One Marylebone" where unbeknownst to us the lovely Tom form McFly got married a couple of days later! (useless pop factoid for you there folks!!) Outside we met up with the lovely Rivkie, Editor in Chief of SLiNK Magazine.

Rubbish pic, it was a bit dark and gloomy I'm afraid!

Upon entry we were greeted by and impressive room with vaulted ceilings and rails of delicious looking clothing.

It's all going to get a bit picture heavy from here on in, but lets face, that better than me whittering on, no?

Beautiful beading and nude tones.

Love the fur collar on this sequin jacket.

Boho scarf print dress with secy leather biker jacket on top

Some stand out pieces for me were, predictably.. the leopard print coat and blouse, and cute print blouses....

It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!!

Immense love.

Squirrels baby!!

Look familiar? I don't care because this one has sleeves and swans ;)

Heaps of gorgeous accessories had us all drooling....

I love the jewel tone pumps I can just imagine them brightening up the gloomiest of winters day. The A/W collection was made up of different looks, I particularly liked the Belgravia, "laid back chic with a glossy, luxurious edge" Of course the leopard print spoke to me, but what I really liked was the mix of textures glamorous sequins. 

And now, finally, here's some pictures of me pratting about with some of my favourite bits......

Oh yeh, and did I mention the punch?....... OH YEH...

We had such a fab day, look out for Toni and Mhairi's posts on it too, I can promise Mhairi's photo's will be  a million times better than mine!!

Thanks Tesco for a fantastic day, looking forward to the S/S launch already! and in the mean time looking forward to the Pop-Up shop in Convent garden at the end of this month....

Monday, 14 May 2012

Review: One Stop Plus

I'm forever on the hunt for basics with a twist, a great jumper with an added edge, a day dress with a difference. So when the lovely folk at One Stop Plus sent me this dress I was excited to try it out. It's just a black dress right? Well no, its the detailing that makes this dress stand out for me. I love the slight V neck and the dungaree styling.

It was quite a chilly day when I wore mine so I teamed it with a stripy jumper and thick black tights. Just one of the reasons I love this dress, its versatility. It can be worn with items under it and or on its on on sunnier days. 

The stitching detail around the neckline is lovely....

My only problem was the sizing really. According to the size chart on the site, I'm somewhere between a 24 and 26, and because it was the hip area I was coming up large on I went for the 26, I think in hindsight I could have gone for the 24 and it would have been fine. I'm usually a size 22, so its always worth checking the size chart when ordering online. The material has to look and feel of a linen but it doesn't crease as bad as linen. Overall I was really pleased with this dress, I'm looking forward to styling it in a variety of ways! It's a great length on me too, coming just below my knee, but again be aware of sizing, I'm 5'7", so this could come up very long on those of you shorter than that.

Disclaimer: This item/s was gifted to me for review. I have not been paid to write this article or comment favourably on the item/brand, all opinions are my own.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Five Take: Stripes

It's Sunday, how did that happen? Feels like I haven't stopped of late and it looks like it will continue to be the same over the summer, what with the business, covering some gigs for a friend and organising Plus North, it's going to be busy! Can't complain though!! 

So this weeks Five Take see's us tackling stripes. Regular readers will know that along with my love of leopard print and bird print, stripes are pretty high on my love list too! I've gone quite relaxed and casual today but tried to incorporate some lovely summery colours. I'm loving the punches of mint and coral appearing on the high street for summer so I thought I'd go with that today!!

Squinty from that strange ball of fire in the sky.....

I Wore......
Ring - Primark (Available in-store)
T-Shirt - Savoir @ Littlewoods (Past Season)
Cardigan - Love Label @ Littlewoods (Past Season)
Jeans - TU @ Sainsburys (Past Season)
Ballet Pumps - Primark (Available in-store)

So that's me this week. I wonder how the other fab Five Takers have done stripes.... Head on over and see!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

OOTD: Crowning Glory

Hello!! Just checking in for a quick one, still sans comp, still blogging on borrowed computers, who'll ever have me I jump on their computer and bang out a quick post for you lovely folk!! Ha Ha!!

I took these pictures last week whilst I was at my folks, we we're only nipping round to a friends for a cuppa but I wanted to wear my new top from purse friendly Asda...

George at Asda

I styled mine with my Simply Be Pixie Wide Leg jeans and Next Wedges I bought from eBay..... 

It was in hindsight I realised this blouse is probably Asda's way of celebrating the Jubilee, I just thought it was a cute print.... Ooops, oh well, call it my tribute to the old Queenie herself. Here's to you love!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Plus Size Swimwear Challenge: Evans

Evening all! Its time for another Plus Size Swimwear Challenge! This time we're taking on Evans. This long established and probably most recognisable high street plus size fashion brand was once the only place a plus size woman could buy swimwear from, but as time has passed we're seeing many more options open up to us which, for the customer can only be a good thing. That doesn't mean we should dismiss Evans though as the upper end of the plus market 26+ still remains fairly limited.

This weeks challenge was a little different in the fact that the evens swimwear team picked out costumes for us, but they very generously sent 2 for us to try out.

The first one being the Teal Tummy Control Wrap Swimsuit....

The website blurb reads....

A vibrant option for swimming and sunbathing, this Evans’ one-piece features gathered front panels and tummy control to hold you in, and padded cups with shelf lining.
The v-neck is ideal for Hourglass and Busty shapes.
To go from beach to bar, put on some lightweight trousers. 

• 81% polyamide,11% elastane,8% polyester 
•Machine washable.

This is what it looked like on me - Size 22 UK....

What did I think?

Appearance - On the hanger this suit looks great but I have to say on me? Not so much. I found it cut into my thighs giving me bulgy thigh effect, the swathes of fabric rather than "flattering" as I think they are supposed to just kind of made me look like a bandaged sausage! This is not to say that it would look great on someone else but for my body, no. The fabric effect did nothing for my boobs either, it squashed one boob down and made the other one protrude!! I did however love the vibrant colour! 2/5

Fit - As mentioned above I found it cut into my thighs and was too short in the body for me, so might be better for a shorter lady, I was sent a D/DD, my normally D/DD boobs we're doing a little swimming of their own in this suit. They were lost in the moulded cups and although I didn't feel like they would pop out, they didn't feel particularly supported. The bra area is just moulded cups, there is no underwire in this costume which I don't mind so much, but I know from the last challenge a lot of you prefer an underwired costume 2/5

Comfort - Apart from the leg issue, the suit was comfortable especially around the back and straps. 4/5

Coverage -  The coverage was excellent, not too much cleavage on show! 5/5

Performance - The suit was easy to move around in and had plenty of flexibility without feeling thin and flimsy. The straps stayed in place and the was no booby action! It did however have the dreaded wedgey effect and I was forever (gracefully and under the water I might add) readjusting the bottom area.
For the purpose I used the swimsuit for (energetic toddler swimming) I found the swathes of fabric very impractical, Poppy kept getting her feet and hands caught in them, this is definitely a solo, non-child type costume, more suited to lounging and lady swimming (that's not a euphemism) 2/5

Value - Priced at £32 this is what I would class as mid-range, there is no denying this is a very good quality costume, the stitching is robust, the material is fantastic quality. It washed really well and there was no pilling to the bum area after much bumping around on the swimming pool floor with Poppy! 4/5

Over all this is not the suit for me, I found it impractical for my needs and I did not like the appearance of it once it was on.

Suit two is the Pindot Swimsuit

The website says....

Evan black base with white pindot swimsuit. Comes with adjustable and removable straps, padded cups and shelf lining. 80% Polyamide,10% Elastane,10% Polyester. Machine washable. 

And here's me in the Size 22 UK

The adjustable straps meant I could also wear it as a halter neck...

What a difference a suit makes........

Appearance -  I love everything about this suit, the polka dots, the slight ruching to the bodice area, the v-neck which you don't get with a lot of adjustable strapped swimsuits they are usually more of a bandeau style. I found it really flattering and loved how I felt in it. 5/5

Fit -  The suit fit really well, it felt supportive without being too tight, and it smoothed out my lumps and bumps.Again this suit is not underwired and had lightly padded cups with a shelf bra. 5/5

Comfort - I did not get the chance to take this suit swimming unfortunately but I wore it round the house for a little while and it felt very comfortable. No digging in or restriction at all. 5/5

Coverage - The coverage was excellent, not too much booby or bum exposed 5/5

Performance - As mentioned above I haven't took this one swimming. I would be a little weary to use it as my "mummy" costume because of the adjustable straps, I'd be worried they'd ping off whilst playing in the pool, but I think this suit would be fantastic for a beach holiday as the straps could be removed for tanning, then added back on for support whilst swimming/lunching etc.. Some very sexy *coughs* lunges round the house gave me the opportunity to test out the wedgey issue, and I'm happy to report... no wedgies! 4/5

Value - This suit is priced at £29.50 again mid range, and as per the previous suit, the stitching is robust, the material is of an excellent quality. I love the retro feel of the suit and would be more than happy to pay that for it. 5/5

Overall as you might be able to tell, I loved this suit, the retro styling, versatility with the straps and flattering appearance made it a winner in my book!

So a mixed bag from Evans there, number one was not to my liking at all, but I really cannot rave enough about the Pindot Suit!!

I can't wait to see what the other girls got sent from Evans and see what they thought about their suits....

Mhairi - Lilybobombs 
Gina - Fat Fit Fine