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So you might remember a few weeks ago I went to one of those awful soft play areas, i blogged about it here I wore my fabulously bright Simply Be Floral trousers, a leopard print trim shirt and biker jacket, just, well, because I refused to grow old gracefully and become one of "those" mums.

Well today, my best friend and I headed to a different soft play area today and I decided to wear, what on first glance looks like a pretty boring, tame outfit. Which on the whole it is I guess, but I've been looking for ways to wear my wet look, snake skin leggings as day wear. They're all good and well for a night out with heels, but I wanted to incorporate them into every day wear, so I teamed them with a big comfy cable knit jumper and scruffy old biker boots.

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I wore...

Cableknit Jumper - Clothing at Tesco (available in store)

Wet look leggings - Simply Be

Biker boots - Kurt Geiger (last season)

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Like I said on first look it doesn't really look like much and the leggings don't come across well in the pics, but I felt pretty cool in them all the same!

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Is there anything from your evening/going out wardrobe you've incorporated into your day wardrobe?

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  1. I love the snake legging, makes u feel cool but as u said it doesnt look like u know too much...

  2. I have been reading about French/Paris fashion lately and thy do a nice thing with mixing evening and casual wear, ball gowns and denim jackets, jeans and T-shirt with a diamond necklace. They dont believe in decking yourself from head to toe in any one style because its too much. I really like the look.
    I have been mummy blogging for over a year, but I am just starting my new blog which is for older plus size fashionistas. There isnt much to see yet lol, but I would be interested in your opinion or advice.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Sounds fab Val, the French certainly know their fashion! Send me the address of your new blog, I'd love to have a look x x

    2. There are only a couple of posts up, but I have loads planned in my head lol.


  3. So hard to get the balance between comfort, style and practicality for kids stuff xxx Rose from "Milkymoles Makeup & Plus Size Musings


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