Friday, 30 November 2012

OOTD: Inappropriate mum dressing...

So you might remember a few weeks ago I went to one of those awful soft play areas, i blogged about it here I wore my fabulously bright Simply Be Floral trousers, a leopard print trim shirt and biker jacket, just, well, because I refused to grow old gracefully and become one of "those" mums.

Well today, my best friend and I headed to a different soft play area today and I decided to wear, what on first glance looks like a pretty boring, tame outfit. Which on the whole it is I guess, but I've been looking for ways to wear my wet look, snake skin leggings as day wear. They're all good and well for a night out with heels, but I wanted to incorporate them into every day wear, so I teamed them with a big comfy cable knit jumper and scruffy old biker boots.

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I wore...

Cableknit Jumper - Clothing at Tesco (available in store)

Wet look leggings - Simply Be

Biker boots - Kurt Geiger (last season)

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Like I said on first look it doesn't really look like much and the leggings don't come across well in the pics, but I felt pretty cool in them all the same!

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Is there anything from your evening/going out wardrobe you've incorporated into your day wardrobe?

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Still love those short shorts...

In my best fastshow voice... "This week I have mostly been wearing denim hot pants" that's right, I can't get enough of my short shorts, it's been so cold I've been wearing really thick woolly tights, biker boots and my short shorts, oh and a variety of tops of course!

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I picked the shorts up from New Look over the summer, but to be honest I'd only wear them with tights as any other way would be too far out of my comfort and decency zone!

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I wore....

New Look (past season)

Tshirt - Tesco (past season)

Tights - Marks and Spencer

Boots - Evans

Have you been favouring a particular outfit or style now the winter weather has set in?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

So Fabulous!

On Friday Toni and I had the pleasure of being invited to visit the Shop Direct Group HQ, home of Very, Littlewoods, Isme and K&Co... And more importantly the So Fabulous Team, the groups plus size brand.
So Fabulous runs from sizes 14-28 and offers a mix of fashion and classic pieces. The main aim of the day for us was to see how a fashion brand works, look at the buying process, talk about trends and give the team feedback about what we thought of the brand.

We were treated to a sneak peek of the SS13 line, the trends lined up for AW13 and we got to play dress up in this seasons clothes.

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Images Courtesy of Patrick Donnelly Photography

I wore.....
So Fabulous Pointelle Knit Jumper - £29.00
So Fabulous   Pansy Print Trousers - £29.00

I think the main problem So Fabulous face as with a lot of plus size brands is that they have to cover such a wide range of ages and tastes, which is not easy, and from the older end of the market you'll get the more mature ladies commenting on how the clothing is not flattering or is too young, and then at the other end, it might be viewed as frumpy and not very fashionable, so trying to pitch the range right and get a good mix can be difficult.

From our point of view as women in our 20's & 30's we explained how we just want what everyone else has got, and how it really is *that* simple, we want the trends, the prints, the bold fashion pieces that are afforded to our slimmer counterparts.

The team asked us our opinions on the current range and the upcoming SS13 pieces, and Toni and I being as we are were completely honest about the pieces we loved and the pieces we didn't love so much. I think that in itself shows how subjective fashion can be though as Toni and I have completely different styles, there were pieces that Toni loved, that I would not ever wear and visa versa.

As briefly mentioned earlier we got to play dress up in some of this seasons pieces, I really enjoyed looking over some of the range and picking out some of my favourite bits. I think my absolute favourite had to be the floral trousers (pictured above) I loved the bold print and I think what stood out the most though was the fit. As the owner of a similar pair from Simply Be, I was blown away with how much better the cut and fit of the So Fabulous ones where. Don't get me wrong I love my SB ones, but I found the tummy area to be very baggy, whereas these ones sat flat and the legs seemed to fit better too. As with all ranges plus size or not, some other bits where a bit more hit and miss, I would have had to size up to a 24 in some of the trousers, but over all I found the cut really nice as sometimes I can find some plus size clothing has a very boxy feel about it, but these pieces felt like they sat on my frame a lot better.

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Images Courtesy of Patrick Donnelly Photography

I wore....
So Fabulous  Wrap Front  Power Dress - £35.00

I wasn't convinced with this dress on the hanger, but I'm so glad the team persuaded me to try it on, I Loved how it looked on and can imagine giving it a bit of a retro make over with victory rolls, hair flowers and cute shoes.

We were very lucky on the day that the team had arranged for gorgeous photographer Patrick Donnelly to come and take some shots, its definitely more than a step up from my iPhone shots hey?!! I especially like this one of Toni and I...

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Toni has to tip toe as I'm wearing the worlds highest shoes!! (one size too big too!)

After lunch we met with the footwear team, as you may know Toni and I have been conducting the Big Boot Challenge as we've always struggled to find knee high boots that fit our calves, I tried on a few pairs of boots to find only one pair would fit my calves, so we talked at length about what we could do improve the fit and extend the fit, this included adding elasticated panels to the boots and the possibility of So Fabulous adding an extra calf size to their range. The team really seemed to take our comments on board which was really encouraging. We also talked about making sure there were more trend led wide fitting shoes.

As we wound up for the day we were talked through how the team work with trends, predict future trends for futures lines. I think what we took from the day is that this is a brand that wants to listen to its customers, wants to keep moving forward and keep things fresh for its customers. We're excited to see what So Fabulous has in store, and if the SS13 pieces are anything to go by, its looking really good.....

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Completely in love with the Horse Print dress...

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Cute shape on the maxi skirt...

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Love the sequin dress and he blue hi-lo dress....

Above is just a small portion of what's in store for SS13, what do you think?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

SLiNK Issue 8

Oooh it's SLiNK time again folks! Issue 8 has just hit our digital shelves to to speak, digital copy is available to download now and the hard copies are available on preorder.

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Issue 8 is full to overflowing with beautiful Plus Size fashion, editorials, interviews, articles and much much more. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it's so refreshing to pick up a beautiful, chunky, seamless glossy and not have a barrage of images that I can't identify with, clothes I can't buy and articles about weight loss that I don't want to read.

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Issue 8 explores beauty and challenges the perception of beauty.

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SLiNK is fresh and current without being patronising and trust me, I'm not raving about it because I've written for it before, don't get me wrong, I think it's pretty awesome that I get to write some stuff for it now and then, but I genuinely love this mag!

This month I interview Burlesque performer, actress, business owner and all round sexy beast Khandie Khisses. She also happens to be plus size and rocking her body in front of audiences all over the world.

So if all that sounds like your kind of thing why not download yourself a copy or order yourself a nice shiny touchy feely copy by clicking on the link below.. I always do the double, one for the iPad and one for the coffee table!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Spot of monopoly

Saturday night, partying, boozing, dancing yeh? Nah Monopoly folks, that's where it's at! So my lovely bestie and her fella came round for a night of takeaway and monopoly.

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My excited wine/monopoly face....
I've been meaning to blog these jeans for ages, the minute they came onto the Evans website I lusted after them, but I was so skint I couldn't afford them, but luckily, payday and a cheeky 20% code from SLiNK magazine fell around the same time, so I made them mine!

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You can't actually see from the picture, but the jeans are actually polka dot... I bet you was thinking, what the bloody hell was she so excited about?! But yes they are so cute and they also have them in red and green on the website.

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What I wore...
Polka Dot Jeans - Evans
Black Jersey Top - Love Label
Zebra Scarf - Amazon
Smoking Slippers - Matalan

And the monopoly? Well my friend won by a considerable amount! But we did have this rather fabulous vintage set to play on though....

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Domino Dollhouse: Astralnauts Collection

Its always a joy when the Domino Dollhouse Look Book drops into my inbox, and this collection is no exception. With hints of leopard print, cosmic print and biker grunge chic, it's definitely rocking my world.

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I've popped a selection of some of my favourite bits below. The first instalment will be available to buy 26th November with the remainder coming a few weeks after. Keep checking on the website and the facebook page for all the latest updates and pictures of the collection...

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Simply Marvellous

So along with the fabulous bird print shirt I blogged the other day I was lucky enough to be sent one of the most fabulous dresses I've owned for a very long time. The Galactic print dress from the new "Must Haves" range caught my eye the minute I saw it, the print is so striking and I love the shape of the dress.

When it arrived I wasn't disappointed, the print was just as vibrant as the on the website and the material is a thick stretch cotton that is versatile for every day or evening wear.

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I honestly can't tell you how much I love this dress, its just so wearable, I wore it to a meeting in Leeds on Friday and a complete stranger came up to me to tell me how much she loved my dress, I was so chuffed!

My only little bit of advice would be to possibly size down on the dress. I ordered my usual 22 and found it to be quite generous, I think I could have easily got away with a 20.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Ways to Wear Challenge #1 - Little Black Dress

Since Five Take is having a break I've really missed taking part in a wardrobe challenge, so when I saw Gemma over at Big Girls Browse was launching one, I was really excited to take part!

So simple really, this is my take on the Little Black Dress, with upcoming festivities a lot of people see this classic number as their wardrobe saviour, and I'm no exception. And by sheer luck the lovely folk at Simply Be had sent me a LBD this week, so what better opportunity to have a go at styling it up.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I knew I wanted some kind of headband affair going on and when I couldn't find the one I wanted, I improvised with a necklace! It wasn't meant to have a 20's feel about it, but I think with my hair as it is at the moment and the headband, that's what it ended up like, and I quite like it!!


The dress itself has cross over detail to the bust, is nipped in at the waist and has a gorgeous knee length pleated skirt. Its simple, but effective, really wearable as it has lots of stretch and I found it true to size. I wore it with a simple pearl necklace, I added a leather obi belt and satin peep toe shoes in black, oyster and grey. The dress is also available in red, whihc I think would look stunning! Click here for more details..




If you'd like to get involved in this particular challenge you've only got until tomorrow (20th November), if that's a little too short notice, I'm sure they'll be many more to follow, so get involved... Click here for more details

Sunday, 18 November 2012

My, my Cutey Pie

Oh hello lovely folk, I hope you're all well? Quite some time ago the rather nice folk at Cutey sent me a couple of bracelets to review, and I must admit, I've been so slack it's unreal, I've been meaning to blog about them for ages, but what with the move etc I just didn't get round to it! So here goes!

The bracelets arrived quickly and were well packaged. Unfortunately the standard size chain didn't fit my wrist, so I contacted Cutey and they informed me that they've just started doing a longer length chain, which they promptly sent out, which is great!

I was sent 2 bracelets, one in brown tones and one in blue tones....

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I must admit I'm not a huge fan of these style of bracelets, absolutely nothing wrong with them, it's just that they're not my usual style of jewellery, but when mine did arrive, I enjoyed having a little play with them and finding a combination of charms that suited my style a little better.

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But I think that is the beauty of these type of bracelets, you can chose which charms you have, how many or little you want, and make them your own.

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If these bracelets are your kind of thing and you'd like to get your hands on one of these lovely bracelets,  I have 2 to give away! For your chance to win one, just use the fancy rafflecopter thingymejig below!! And if you're not lucky enough to win, but would still love one, why not head over to their website, just click here

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Big Boot Challenge: Jileon Wellies

Hello! So the Big Boot Challenge isn't just about formal boots, Toni and I are looking to find lots of different types of boots, that for so long have evaded us chunky calfed ladies. So this next instalment is all about wellies! I've never had wellies, I bought a pair last year, but they just didn't fit right, they were so small in the calf, they were more like slouchie wellies! So when the lovely folk at Jileon sent a pair of their wide calf boots over I was very excited!

dd661cb3ec37ea5edf3573d1d6a0f1d0, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App
Oh so pretty!!

db8bf912e17f0c933118e3475bdc970d, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App
Love the branding to the front

47d8f952052ff4dd83c23abe4ea3e560, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App
Great print

04bbedd4d7826cadbb8a92c342ca1a2c, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App
Post poorlyness, looking a bit peaky, but ready for firework fun!!

The Wellies themselves are made from a really durable rubber, the lining is really soft and warm, compared to hard, cold wellies of the past it was a revelation! I love the cute floral print and was just so happy that they actually fit. Because the buckles are adjustable I think you could easily get another couple of inches out of these and would accommodate up to a 22 inch calf.

Poppy is at that age now, where she is obsessed with jumping in muddy puddles and running around on grass and leaves so I can see these getting a lot of wear!! 

You can see the whole wide calf range here and keep checking back as I know the fab folk at Jileon are looking to extend the wide calf range and do more funky prints and designs.

These boots were kindly gifted to me, but all opinions are my own 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Things of beauty...

It would appear that Simply Be has gone and done it again... The latest "Must Have" collection is cram packed with beautiful dresses and gorgeous separates that do not disappoint.

I've been lucky enough to have a couple of pieces sent through to me, the first of which is this amazing bird print shirt with studded collar detail. Really two of my favourite things, it would appear my love for bird print still hasn't gone away and my new obsession for studs makes this my dream garment!

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I was sent my usual size 22, I'll be honest, it's not the most forgiving of fabrics, it has no stretch at all and is a little bit see through. I think I might have been better sizing up just from the aspect of gaping when sitting down. I just have to remember to be more lady like when I wear it and not to slouch!

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But fabric aside, this really is the most gorgeous shirt, the bold bird print and stud detailing to the collar is just so great. On this occasion I teamed it with black skinny jeans and aqua metal tip heels, but I could equally see this worn with a high waisted skirt, tights and pumps, or with some jewel tone cigarette pants and heels.

So; how would you wear it?

This item was gifted to me, but all opinions are my own.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

OOTD: Prim and Proper

I just seem to be so busy nowadays so I'm trying to keep popping up little Outfits of the Day, the perks of being busy means I am actually wearing something other than pyjamas, so that's cool, I just have to remember to get photos!

I headed out to do a few jobs then over to my folks for dinner, Michael is on lates for the first time and I didn't want eat on my own (well me and the bubba) so my bids very kindly cooked dinner.

I got this cute "dress" and I use the word dress very loosely as it is way too short to wear as a dress, from Primark, it was in the sale, so for the grand sum of £7 I got this little beauty. Primark only go up to a size 20, but as I've said before, it's always worth a trip in there, as dependant on the cut and material you might be surprised. I'm a 22/24 and have quite a few bits from there. Granted this is a bit tight over the tummy, but I'm ok with that, it's a belly, get over it!

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I kept the look really simple, all monochrome with a cropped black cardigan, skinny jeans and pumps...

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

My dad bless him, is not the greatest photographer, but you get the general gistage!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tell me about it.. Stud!

Just a quick OOTD, just had to share my new cute sweatshirt from Tesco, I'm loving the new trend for studs, so I had to snap this one up. I just wore it with a black maxi skirt and biker boots, it's a bit of a goth look I guess, but it was comfy and practical for meeting my friend for a cuppa.

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I wore:

Studded Sweatshirt - Tesco

Maxi Skirt - eBay

Boots - Evans

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Are there any current trends you're loving at the moment? Have you gone full on, or just incorporated a hint of it into your wardrobe?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mrs BeBe's Travels...

So, the other day I promised I'd tell you what I'd got up to in London, if you're at all bothered that is? It does involve pretty clothes, shoes and accessories though, so bear with me!

So off  I toddled to London, on what I might say was a suitably impressive National Express coach! I haven't used them since the early 2000 and I swore I'd never do it again, but money being tight I chose to take the coach and my, what an improvement, comfy leather seats, seatbelts, clean loo and the best bit.... electrical sockets!! SCORE! (it does not take much to impress me!)

So anyway, once I arrived at Victoria the lovely Caroline "Curvy Wordy" came to meet me and of we toddled to our first appointment of the day, we'd decided whilst we were in London we may as well put our time to use so we stopped by the Push PR press day, what better way to fill an hour or so looking at very beautiful things?!
The small but perfectly formed studio had an array of gorgeous wares by a range of great designers and online brands. There was some great clothing but none of it was plus size so I didn't think it was especially fair or relevant to the bulk of you guys so I thought I would focus n the gorgeous accessories and footwear.

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From top left - clockwise - Spanish brand Unisa SS line is full of nautical inspired wedges and pretty sandals, I loved the range in heel heights to suit all feet! Rockport where the mainstay of teenage lads when I was at school, but it looks like they're back with a gorgeous range of fashionable and more importantly having been bought out by Adidas each pair of shoes has inbuilt Adidas technology for added comfort and support! The gorgeous selection from Nelly had me drooling as per usual, especially the studded pumps, yum! ooh and I saved the best for last, I discovered Jemima Vine a month or so ago, and fell in love, the small but perfectly formed collection is so beautiful and SS looks to be equally as gorgeous with chunky loafers and cute heels.

From top left - Clockwise - The Sonal - Talgeri Bhaskaran blew me away, I loved the geometric shapes and brushed metals, my favourite piece was the paisley shaped rings, so, so gorgeous and designed by the same person responsible for Eastern Mystic (pictured) the massive difference in styles is staggering, each range beautiful but with completely different qualities. Also on display was the beautiful Alice Menter range, these beautiful, cuffs and collars are made from everyday items such as nuts and bolts but with a luxurious edge, check out the website to get a better look at the detailing.

Caroline and I also got a chance to have a play with the beautiful Chamilia bracelets, with a huge array of charms and beads we got to design our own bracelets. After much umming and ahhing I decided to go for a very simple design with just the one beautiful Swarovski bead on a simple silver chain.. 


So after all the fun at Push PR we headed over to the Clothing at Tesco event for a sneak peek at all their festive lines, the press room was dressed beautifully, complete with twinkly twiggy tree, newspaper wrapped gifts and champagne for that festive feel.

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As always, one of the best bits of attending events is that I get to catch up with my blogging babes, this time I got to spend time with Caroline and Hanna...

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Demonic sexy birds....

Although extremely pretty, the atmospheric lighting at the event didn't do much for my photography (nor did the champagne, hic!) so please excuse the red glow and shaky pics!

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This would be Caroline and I pretending to be the Elliot Sisters.....
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I love this hat, so cute!!

I loved all the festivities, and saw some great party wear, but, being the home-bod that I am and immense pyjama lover, my favourite item of the evening was in fact the winter print onesie!! And at £12 I think we can pretty much guarantee it will be making an appearance in my wardrobe. If you are looking for some seasonal glamour though there is 20% off partywear at the moment, just click here to view!

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