Big Boot Challenge: Yours


Hello! It's time for another Big Boot Challenge instalment, this time we're taking on Yours. I've never had foot wear from them before so I was quite excited at the prospect of trying some out, plus I was excited to see if we could be proved wrong again.

I was surprised by the section of boots they had on the site each one with an XL of XXL calf fitting. I went for the Black Leather Riding boot with Buckle Detail in the XXL, I went for my usual size 6, and as standard all of yours boots are a EEE fitting.


I was pleasantly surprised with the overall look of the boot, the leather is of a really good quality the buckles are really nice and the shape of the boot is nice too. 

Did they fit? 

Yes! The boots did up with ease and fitted well over my 19.5 inch (495.3 mm) calves. I've worn them on a couple of occasions now and found them really comfortable.

I wore mine with a simple black skirt, striped jumper and houndstooth swing jacket.

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I have a new wall!!!

The boots looked great on because I have a slim ankle compared to my calf I found there to be a little bagginess around the ankle, but when you have such an extreme difference in measurements there's not a lot you can do about that.

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If you like these boots you can click here to have a better look at them and the specifics... be sure to check out what Toni thought of her Yours boots here... and a big thank you to Yours for taking part in the challenge, you passed with flying colours!!

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  1. Replies
    1. They really are, great for every day use! X x

  2. Hiya, I just found you through Betty Bee, loving your blog, I like perusing fashion blogs but I get bored if there is nothing there to fit me. Hoorah for curvy lady blogs :)

    1. Hi Valerie! Lovely to meet you! So glad you found me, and through the fab Betty Bee too! Thanks for reading x x

  3. Hi I love these boots they look very smart. I might have to invest!!
    I love the equestrian look and I have 5 pairs to date...My Favourate are a pair of country boots, they are Sherwood Forest Dalton boot. really comfy and they look great with jeans. I also have 2 pairs of black and tan riding boots. both with side zips, I have a pair of Next two piece riding boots in black. These are a basic jodhpur boot and a leather gaiter, they are lovely and soft leather. As I have said before Im a male who loves to wear long ladies boots (im NOT Gay) but I just love the feel of wearing them and the comments I get when I wear them in the street. Love this blog.....More boots PLEASE xx

    1. Sounds like you have quite the collection! And luckily I have some more boots coming up soon! Hope you enjoy! X x

  4. Love these - scrumptious!

    A little bit on the boucoup de prix side for me, going to have save the pennies or ask the Yuletide elf to help me out!

    Have you got any recommendations that are a little bit friendlier on the purse???? (the desperation over here is almost palpable!)

    Love & Light

    1. Hi Li,

      I think if you want some a little bit less pricey it might be worth trying some that aren't leather, Or maybe keep an eye out in the sales, I now it won't do much for you this winter but I picked up a pair of Evans boots in January that should have been £90 for £20, but it's always worth checking just in case they have any special offers on too x x x

  5. I realize it is a boot post but I love, love, love houndstooth and had to comment on the cute jacket -- so sweet.

    1. Ahh thanks Moe, it's a very old favourite of mine, about 8 years old now! Got it from a supermarket (Asda) here in the UK x x

  6. Those boots look hot! I really like them. How much do they go for?


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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