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Ok, I think I'm recovered from the hangover... Thought I'd do a little catch up from over the weekend and show you what I got up to and what I wore. In case you're remotely interested!

Michael was away this weekend as he was exhibiting at Norcon, he took Poppy with him so his parents could spend some time with her, so I headed back to see my folks and spend some time with friends. And most importantly I got to meet my best friends new baby!! Are you ready for cute baby pictures?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Master Kobi....!!!
I wore my new Simply Be floral trousers to do my running around and visiting. They are so comfortable as they have a little bit of elastic to them. I found the fit ok. I ordered my usual size 22, they fit great on the leg and waist but a little baggy around the hip/stomach area, but to be fair I have this problem with most trousers.

I just teamed mine with a simple black t-shirt and black ballet pumps, but the fabulous Amy at These Girls Turn Heads looks fabulous in hers with a coral blazer and white t-shirt!

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Modern day camouflage 
What I wore.... 
Trousers - Simply Be
T-shirt - Love Label (Past Season)
Pumps - New Look (Past Season)

So after I'd coo'd over the baby and got all my jobs done I headed out for the night to a friends birthday party. I wore another recent Simply Be purchase that I have been drooling over, the snake skin wet look leggings... The leggings themselves are really easy to wear, very comfortable and look great on.

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What I wore....
Snake Skin Wet Look Leggings - Simply Be
Feather print vest - New Look (Past Season)
Jacket - Simply Be (Past Season)
Shoes - Love Label (Past Season)

They don't really show up too well in the pic (and I hated what I'd teamed it with, they joys of being away from home, I had only brought a couple of choices with me and wasn't happy with the over all look)
I did however love how they looked with my lovely shoes....

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Needless to say I didn't let my uninspiring outfit spoil my evening, as you'll know from yesterday's post I had a wee bit to drink and I also ended up singing...

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Oh the drunken Dusty Springfield renditions.....

So there you have it! Have you made any purchases that you've fallen in love with of late?

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  1. I ordered those trousers in a 20 and they came no where NEAR me. But I've since got the wine trousers with zips at the ankles in a 22, so we'll see!

    I love the trousers with the black top if I'm honest, draws more attention to the print xx

  2. You look gorgeous in both outfits, but I have to say I am in love with the floral trouser, something keeps holding me back from ordering them, but I just love them so may have to just try them! xxx

  3. Whoa, those trousers are gorgeous! Love that you paired it with a plain top, it really makes the print the centre of attention, which is good as it is a lovly print.

    I hate that about travelling, no matter what clothes I take I always remember something I left at home that would make such a better outfit. Love the shoes you wore with those leggings. :)

  4. Really love those trousers !
    Love your styling of them too :)
    Launa in Ponderland

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I need to slim down to a 22 sharpish!!

    Em x

  6. Love your looks! My fave is the tank you're wearing with the black leggings. Looks great on you and so cute! I have an obsession with scarves lately. Come on cooler weather!


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