Friday, 28 September 2012

The Big Boot Challenge - Simply Be

Hello! So boots yeh? Bane of your life? They are for me, with a calf size of around 19/20inch, knee high boot shopping has been on the whole, frustrating and if I'm completely honest, a bit upsetting... (ok I actually sobbed in Evans once but hey I'm only human, fat shopping is hard sometimes!)

So, to that end Toni and I have decided to set a "Big Boot Challenge" to all the lovely plus retailers out there, surely somebody can accommodate my sizeable calves?

The first company to accept our challenge was Simply Be. For as long as I can remember the Legroom range stocked by Simply Be have stocked varying calve widths each one with names such as "Extra Large" Extra Ultra Large" a tad ambitious me thinks as they still didn't even come anywhere close, but this year Simply Be launched the "Super Curvy" calf fitting - I mean let's face it, that's some clever naming because after "Extra Ultra Large" there wasn't anywhere to go, so thanks for not calling them "big tree trunk" fitting guys ;)

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Leg Room Super Curvy Boot
It was with baited breath I waited for these to arrive, I just expected for them to arrive, me try them on, and not be able to zip them up like usual.... But low and behold, these fit, not only did they fit, I could wear jeans with them too! Flippedy doo!

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I went for the E fitting as I don't have a particularly wide foot in the riding boot style. There was bags of room in it and I found them really comfortable. I walked around all day in them, in and out of my dads car for house viewings and travelled a long while in the car. They didn't pinch or rub, I didn't have to pull them up once or adjust. My only quibble is that the brown section is a much more vivid colour on the website, I didn't find them to be in person though, but overall I liked the appearance and thought they looked good on.

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I wore mine with black jeans, stripe t-shirt, denim shirt and BIG woolly scarf for a cosy autumnal look.

Thank you Simply Be for rising to the challenge! You passed with flying colours! Hoorah for the Super Curvy boot!

Pop on over to Toni to see how she got on with the boots!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

My body, your body, any body....

Bodies are amazing, bodies are varied and vast and ever changing, for some of us they get us from A to B, some bodies make other bodies and bring them into the world, some bodies entertain and dance, or run and win medals.

No two bodies are the same, nor do they serve the same purpose, and to that end, surely they can't be judged? What is the bench mark for something so individual? If your purpose is different to some one else's how can you judge a body unfit for that purpose?

With celebrities under constant scrutiny, Lady GaGa has hit back at critics by posing in her underwear... So what you might say? She flounces around in her underwear most of the time, but as someone who has had eating disorders in the past, she felt compelled to make a stand and say, this is my body in all it's glory, deal with it.

Earlier this year Fashion fatties caused a stir by posing in their "fatkinis" it hit international headlines.... Look chunky birds in bikinis.... and whilst I admire each and every one of those beauties for making a stand.. I wonder, should we have to? Will there ever be a day that a fat body won't be judged? When we can walk down the street without being glared at, tutted at and in some cases verbally and physically abused?

Well, I guess as long as the media keeps ripping celebrities apart for putting a few pounds on, doctors keep pushing the hard line BMI theory and diet companies keep pushing their unobtainable mumbo jumbo.... Then yes, probably.

And you know what? That sucks.. Because my body is perfectly fine, it gets me around, it walks for miles without breaking down in a big fat wobbly mess, it got pregnant, it carried a perfectly healthy baby without being riddled with diabetes, it runs round the park with my toddler, it turns my husband on and it wears rocking clothes, basically, it does the things I need it to. So who are you to judge my body? I've said it before and I'll say it again, body fascists can kiss my big fat, perfectly active arse.

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L: rarrrrr my strong fat body...R: meow my sexy fat body... Deal with it....

Monday, 24 September 2012

All that glitters....

When we got back from holiday we made a quick pitstop at our house,Dropped of some bags, picked up some clean clothes then headed over the bridge to Grimsby. The bass player in my friends band is heading to Australia so they threw him a big farewell gig.

I never really know what to wear to gigs, let's face it, I'm no spring chicken compared to the average gig-goer, so I just wore something that made me feel great!

I wore my Simply Be snakeskin wet look leggings. I love these so bad it hurts, I can see me wearing them on all my nights out from now on! They are comfy but sexy and make me feel glam! I wore them with a top from Ann Harvey, I have to admit, this is the first piece of clothing I've ever bought from them, back in the day I think they were just seen as a granny brand, but they've really stepped up their game and there seems to be something in the collection for everyone.

I first spotted this top at Plus North, the Ann Harvey team had displayed the jacket version which I adore, but unfortunately is out of my price range, so when I saw the tunic was reduced to £20 in the sale on the Tesco website I was so excited! I just love the shoulder embellishments, and the fern print is so nice.

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I wore...
Leggings - Simply Be
Shoes - Clarks (similar)
Clutch - so old I can't remember!!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Honestly the lighting is so garbage at my folks house, and with the nights drawing in there's no natural light to photograph in so I apologise! The tunic itself looks like this when photographed properly!

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It really is gorgeous, the only thing I will say is that the beading work is quite heavy so the top kept slipping forward, but its totally worth it!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Guess who's back....?

HELLO!!! Oh hello! How I've missed you all and missed my blog, I've been on my jollies I'm back now though, had the most wonderful time, lots of rest, relaxation, fun and food.

Thought I'd do a little holiday post. I was going to do a packing post, but unfortunately I just go so caught up with work and holiday prep I never got round to it. I packed very economically, we stayed in a cottage which was equipped with a washer/dryer and having to cram 5 people's luggage in a very small car I thought it best I packed as little as possible. I took 2 pairs of black leggings, a swallow print dress, striped H&M dress, a longline black vest, striped H&M sweater and leopard print cardigan.

I managed to get a couple of outfit pics, but as per usual I was having far too much fun to take photographs, I do this every time!

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I wore...
Swallow print dress - New Look via eBay
Black Leggings - Primark
Black Pumps - New Look
Grey Bag - H&M

I wore this outfit on the Saturday, we went to Malton to one of their great food markets. They have a huge food festival every year which we love, but they've now started doing these small off shoot markets too, which is great. Lots of local food an produce.

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Poppy wanted to get in on the action, model in the making!

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I wore....
Striped Dress - H&M
Leggings - Primark 
Boots - Evans

I wore the outfit above for a trip into York. We visited the Railway Museum, and I'll be honest, can't say I'm over-fussed about trains, but the men folk enjoyed it and Poppy loved it and I did rather fall in love with the art deco monster..... 

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Sexual Train

In terms of outfits I just rotated what I took with me and washed when needed, which was really hard for me because I'm the kind of person who panics if I'm seen in the same outfit within a month! Despite that we had the most fab time, if you want to nose at the cottage we stayed in you can see it here..

Friday, 14 September 2012

Step back in time....

Hey hey! So you all know how I like a bit of vintage styling? But you all also know finding original vintage pieces for the pleasantly plump and chunky lady is like finding rocking horse poo? Well on the rare occasion I see a plus size vintage garment that I love, I just have to buy it.

I picked up this little beauty from eBay, I check in weekly to see if there's anything worth having, but being the daft so and so that I am, I forgot that a size 22 in the 60's is actually more like an 18, but I think I worked it?

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Mr BeBe was at work so I resorted to propping my iPhone up in an ornamental vase and using the self timer app I found, so my apologies for the beyond crappy pics!!

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Do you like my bestest quirky 60's pose? Ha!!

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It was finally cold enough today to wear my new Clothing at Tesco biker jacket too! I will blog and enthuse about this far greater detail very soon, but safe to say I'm completely in love.
I even attempted a bit of a 60's doo...

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So there you go! I'm going n my holibobs today and I'm not altogether sure if they'll be an Internet connection, I haven't scheduled any posts, so if I go a bit quiet, I still love you and I'm still wearing clothes, I'll just bore you with the pics when I get back! 


Thursday, 13 September 2012

GHD - Good Hair Day?

Hello! The lovely Martin at Best British Bloggers asked if I'd like to take up a little challenge for GHD, I said ermmm YEH! My hair's in that funny inbetweeny* stage at the moment so anything that makes it look a bit better is a bonus!

*Can't be bothered to get a hair cut.

So; all I had to do was just style my hair as normal but using the GHD products very kindly sent through to me...

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oooh purdy....

Because I have quite fine hair, I used my usual volumising mousse (yes, it's 1994 in my house) before blow drying, then I used the protection spray before straightening my hair. Then I used the shine spray to finish.... The results?

I found my hair to be really shiny, smooth and soft to the touch. It gave my hair the appearance of being much healthier, so score!

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I'm still unsure as to what to do with my ever growing hair, so if you're lacking inspiration like me, head on over to the GHD Hairstyles page where you can see all the latest trends, get styling tips and check out the inspiration board.

This product was very kindly gifted to me, I was not paid to write this post, all opinions are honest and my own, 'cos you know that's how I roll!  

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OOTD - well yesterday actually

So you guys saw my Vlog right? Thought I best show you what I wore with the boots! It's nothing special but felt like I owed you the rest of my body... erm so to speak?!

I was giving my newly acquired Primark leggings a bit of a road test. At £3 per pair I was worried they might be hole ridden by lunch time, but they did last the day and in line with what everyone told me on twitter, they are a tad see through, thanks for the warning girls, so I made sure I had a long top on (well dress actually) because as much as I don't care about what people think I'd prefer to to expose my knickers to the whole of East Yorkshire.

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The dress I wore was actually one of my maternity dresses from the Holly Willoughby range, I originally got it for a christening, but as it was jersey I wore it for work too, it's a really pretty deep plum colour, doesn't really come across in the pics, then I just popped a nice bright scarf in with some purple and mustard tones.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

So the you go, said it wasn't very exciting didn't I? It's definitely moving swiftly into autumn now though so I'm digging out the knitwear and hats. Is there anything you're looking forward to dragging out from the back of the wardrobe?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Vlogs, boots and ermms

Oh erm, yeh, so I thought I'd do a Vlog. I was never a fan of the old Vlog, but I'm warming to them and I thought I'd have bash. So please be kind, it is my first one, there's lots of ermmms and errs etc and I am a bit northern. 

So If you like the boot, and want more details, check out the Evans website the link should take you straight through to said boot! Hope I didn't bore you too much!


Disclaimer: The boots in this post were gifted to me, I was not paid to review this item or speak favourably about it, all opinions are my own

Monday, 10 September 2012

A few thoughts....

Now you all now this is normally a place for fashion, fun, silliness and general japes. But every now and then I hand over my blog to someone or to a subject I feel is important and needs a bit of a spotlight. First of all a quick *trigger warning* I am going to talk about Mental Health and Suicide, so if this is not your thing, or you don't feel strong enough to read about it at the moment thats ok.

Today is Suicide Awareness Day, and this years theme is "Hope". As some of you may know I have suffered from mental illness since my early teens, I was diagnosed with Bi-polar in my 20's and to this day, I struggle each and every day with my mental health, whether that be in some small way or be it a bad day when I lose all grip on everything and wish I wasn't here.

I think, that, though is the crux of the matter. Suicide, in my experience... And everybodies experience is different, isn't about wanting to be dead as such, it's about escape. It's about feeling so incredibly low, ill, desperate, lonely, hopeless, trapped that you just want relief, you want to be somewhere else, somewhere where it doesn't hurt anymore, where you feel you're not a burden anymore, where you're not you anymore, and for someone in a distressed state, death can seem like the only real option.

The thing is though, is that you're not a burden, you're not alone, things probably aren't as bad as you think they are and there is a whole world of help out there for you. But, at that very moment in time, those feelings you're having are real, they mean everything to you and they are all you can think of... I know... I know this because I have attempted to take my own life and for that moment when I was swallowing way too many tablets I thought it was the best option all round, and yes I also thought I'd "show them" I wanted people to know how much pain I was in and it felt like the only way I could express that.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that, in keeping with this years theme is that there is hope. I'm still here, I'm still fighting, very single day, and even in my darkest, darkest days, I guess there must be some little glimmer of hope that keeps me going and keeps me here. I know the gut wrenching, heart aching, hand round the throat pain of depression, it sucks more than anything ever did, but if it's any consolation at all, you are not alone, there are people to help and you are loved, needed, worthy and valid.

Now for the technical but oh so important stuff. If you don't feel comfortable enough to speak to a friend or family member, if you need someone impartial, or you just don't have someone close by why not give one of these guys a go, they're really good and know their stuff...

MIND 0300 123 3393

Samaritans 08457 90 90 90

SANELine 0845 767 8000

Preventing young suicide

For people in Northern Ireland 0808 808 8000

Childline 0800 1111


NHS Direct 0845 4647

No Panic 0808 808 0545

Let's talk about this, let's talk about so loudly that people begin to understand, let's talk about right in their faces. Do not be ashamed of your illness, because that's what it is, you can't just buck up, snap out of it, or get over it.

We can't stop suicide, it will always happen, because people will always feel that desperate, but maybe by talking about mental health, some people might realise there might be some other options for them.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weekend shenanigans

Hey guys! Hope you're all well. I've been a bit lax in September haven't I?! To be fair it's not going to get any better as I'm going on holiday at the end of the week, but I will try and make up for it in the mean time!

So yesterday my folks came over as Mr BeBe and I had evening plans so they kindly babysat, but in the afternoon we went for a mooch round the market and for a kick about on the local parkland. I wasn't really appropriately dressed, but I looked cute, so it's all good!!

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Inappropriately dressed mother...
The weather was so nice yesterday, but for some reason I just kept getting all hot and bothered (must be my age) so I hid under a tree for a bit whilst Mr BeBe had a kick around with Poppy...

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Could my legs be any whiter?!!!!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App

What I wore.....
Tshirt - Tesco (Past Season)
Skirt - Peacocks (Past Season)
Shoes - New Look (Past Season)

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This was me trying to get the camera back!
I cooked my folks a lovely Turkish casserole for dinner, the recipe was courtesy of my lovely twitter friend Cemay. I'm a huge fan of Turkish food, and, well,  Turkey in general, I love everything about the place, so it's a complete pleasure to try and recreate recipes in my home. I just hope I did it justice!

After dinner Mr BeBe and I headed out to The Piper club in Hull for an evening of Burlesque loveliness. My beautiful friend Ellen aka "Snappy O'Shea" a very talented artist in her own right runs the most fabulous Burlesque Co-operative "The Cats Pyjamas". They hold a bi-monthly show in Grimsby, but have just added Hull to their repertoire, the venue itself was an old picture house back in the day and has since been converted to a club, but maintaining a lot of its original features it really suited the night well.

I wore my very old, but well loved Collectif "Stella" dress. Along with my standard issue leopard print. Apologies for the crappy pics, but by the time we'd got ready and out, the light had faded and as I don't own any fancy camera equipment, this is the best my poor little iPhone could manage!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I was so chuffed with my hair. As some of you will know, when I had all my hair chopped off, I struggled to try and "retro" it up, but I decide to curl my hair last night and see how it went, I was so pleased with the results!

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Scary face, sorry about that...

It was really nice to spend some time with the mister last night. It's a complete rarity nowadays so it was just lovely to be "us" for a couple of hours and hold hands, cuddle etc! Awwwwwww......*vom*
Cue ropey couples pic.....

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Hope you've all had a fab weekend, been up to anything good?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Review: Cleo by Panache

Hello all! I'm entering unchartered territory for this post. The lovely guys at Best British Bloggers contacted me a while back to see if I'd like to review a bra from Panache. I jumped at the chance because I've never "done" lingerie on the blog and I'm always looking for a new challenge. I was especially excited because I'm currently in the middle of a bit of a bra journey. 

Let me briefly explain... I'd never really paid much attention to my boobs, in fact, I disliked them a great deal and as long as they were tucked away and looked OK with clothes on, I couldn't care less. That was until I got in to blogging and met lots of wonderful women who paid a lot of regard to their boobs, and I guess one woman in particular, the gorgeous Caroline from Curvy Wordy. Caroline has helped me... the best she can over email and text... to understand sizing, think about styles and start to look after my boobs! So thank you my darling!

I'm still trying to pin point my perfect size and style but I think I am MUCH closer to it than I ever have been and this Cleo Darcy bra from Panache is pretty gorgeous, so its a very good starting place..

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App

I love the look of this bra, the print is so cute and the bra itself is very soft too touch. I'm wearing the 38G. I found the fit really good and felt very supported.

You can get a better look of the print on the pic below....


The central wires sat flush on my chest and there was none of the dreaded quadra boob...

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Boobs, belly, stretch marks and scars to boot!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App
Excuse the burry pic, think the husband got a bit excited....

As part of the review I was asked to answer a few questions which I thought would be fun... so here goes....

  • Be honest… how old is your oldest bra? - Well up until about a month ago it would have been about... oh 4 years old (EEEK!) but since starting my bra journey I have given all my old, ill fitting bras to charity now.

  • What is your favourite colour underwear, and why? - I normally stick to black so it looks good under outfits, but I'm really starting embrace colour of late!
  • What is a good fitting bra to you? What do you look at to see it’s a good fit? - I think for most people its when you can see that visible 4 boob thing going on, that's always the biggest tell tale sign of an ill fitting bra, so if that's not present and the boobs look uplifted I think that's how I see. 
  • How often, or at what sort of occasions, do you wear matching underwear? - I try and wear "matching" underwear every day and by that I dont mean its necessarily part of a set, but if I've got a black bra on I always make sure I've got black knickers on.
  • What is your favourite type of bra, and why? - I don't really have one yet, I'm hoping to discover my favourite type of bra soon!
  • So… naughty or nice? With the washing that is! Do you treat your bra to a gentle handwash, or do you let it suffer in a machine wash? - I always used to bung all my undies in the washing machine, but now I actually have nice bras worthy of being looked after I will make the effort to handwash!

Have you had a bra epiphany? Do you give your boobs the respect they deserve? or are you still wearing that bra from 2 years ago that's really comfy but truth be told looks a bit crappy!!? (Come on be truthful now!!!)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

There's no place like home....

Ok, I think I'm recovered from the hangover... Thought I'd do a little catch up from over the weekend and show you what I got up to and what I wore. In case you're remotely interested!

Michael was away this weekend as he was exhibiting at Norcon, he took Poppy with him so his parents could spend some time with her, so I headed back to see my folks and spend some time with friends. And most importantly I got to meet my best friends new baby!! Are you ready for cute baby pictures?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Master Kobi....!!!
I wore my new Simply Be floral trousers to do my running around and visiting. They are so comfortable as they have a little bit of elastic to them. I found the fit ok. I ordered my usual size 22, they fit great on the leg and waist but a little baggy around the hip/stomach area, but to be fair I have this problem with most trousers.

I just teamed mine with a simple black t-shirt and black ballet pumps, but the fabulous Amy at These Girls Turn Heads looks fabulous in hers with a coral blazer and white t-shirt!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Modern day camouflage 
What I wore.... 
Trousers - Simply Be
T-shirt - Love Label (Past Season)
Pumps - New Look (Past Season)

So after I'd coo'd over the baby and got all my jobs done I headed out for the night to a friends birthday party. I wore another recent Simply Be purchase that I have been drooling over, the snake skin wet look leggings... The leggings themselves are really easy to wear, very comfortable and look great on.

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What I wore....
Snake Skin Wet Look Leggings - Simply Be
Feather print vest - New Look (Past Season)
Jacket - Simply Be (Past Season)
Shoes - Love Label (Past Season)

They don't really show up too well in the pic (and I hated what I'd teamed it with, they joys of being away from home, I had only brought a couple of choices with me and wasn't happy with the over all look)
I did however love how they looked with my lovely shoes....

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Needless to say I didn't let my uninspiring outfit spoil my evening, as you'll know from yesterday's post I had a wee bit to drink and I also ended up singing...

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh the drunken Dusty Springfield renditions.....

So there you have it! Have you made any purchases that you've fallen in love with of late?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A very hungover OOTD

Oh erm hey, I'm a tad* hungover. I went out last night with friends and may** have drunk a little too much vodka.



So now we've cleared that one up, I thought I'd just pop a little simple outfit up that I wore on Friday, as, let's face it, it's going to take all my brain power to compose this very modest post.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Ooooh look I'm all moody in an alleyway, could I be anymore arty? :-/

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Ha ha caught me with my eyes shut.

I picked up the cute Aztec print skirt from the New Look clearance shop in Hull, It truly rocks (both the shop and skirt)

So that's it, I'm now going to find some hideously unhealthy, hangover curing food, make another bucket of tea and continue to feel sorry for myself.

How was your weekend? I hope your activities didn't render you as useless as me!