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I think this will be the final installment of our swimwear challenge, if you want to refresh your memory, previous posts can be seen here:


I hope in some way they've been useful!

I guess for the last one, I'm personally tackling the last frontier in fat blogging. The "fatkini" as it's been affectionately nicknamed hit the headlines a couple of months back when a few popular plus size bloggers decided showcase their fabulous selves in fabulous bikinis, it was, of course met with some criticism, much interest and started somewhat of a revolution. Chunky birds across the globe where posting pics of themselves in swimwear left right and centre.

So, I guess, here's my contribution, me in said "fatkini" in a rather less glamorous location than a lot of these girls!

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Its just me
I'm wearing the beautiful Elomi Isis high waisted bikini in Aubergine.


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This is my..."I wish I was round a pool" face
The lovely folk at Elomi were also kind enough to send me the Madeira takini top which goes beautifully with the bikini.

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Yeh it's not the Bahamas

What did I think?

Appearance - Plain and simple this Bikini is a stunning colour that looks great on. The tankini top is beautiful on. I was sure when I took it out of the packet, I thought the print might be a little mature, but when its on I think it looks great. 4/5

Fit - In hindsight I should have got a bigger cup size, but this was ordered before I had a boob tutorial with the lovely Caroline at Curvy Wordy. The briefs fit well overall but as with all high waist briefs on my body including control wear, they roll down on me, I don't know what it is they just do, so this is not a reflection on the garment itself, just my awkward body!The Tankini fit was great, although there was plenty of room, so if you prefer a snugger fit, size down on this one. 4/5

Comfort - The whole ensemble was comfortable over all apart from the slight roll issue 3/5

Performance - I haven't taken this swimming yet, and I do envisage it more as a holiday kinda ensemble. The bikini would be great for lounging, then I'd pop the Tankini over the top for swimming and as a cover up. The material itself is durable and of a high quality, and after a few star jumps and lunges, I still felt pretty secure  3/5

Value - The Bra and brief are priced individually at £38 each and the Tankini top was originally priced at £66 but is now £33. Lets be honest, it's not cheap and would be out of a lot of peoples price range. But what we have to remember is this is specialist swimwear. The style itself is a rarity in plus size and you are ordering the bra itself to fit your cup size and back size specifically. There's no denying the quality is beautiful and I think this would last a long time. But for me personally to pay nearly £80 for a bikini....? I just couldn't justify it. 2/5

I think my favourite from the whole challenge was the Evans Pindot suit, I just loved the polka dots, the fit and support it gave me, and I know from chatting on twitter that a few of you loved it too, and its one of my top search terms on the blog, so people are still looking for that suit! 

I've had a blast doing this challenge and I hope its maybe pointed you in the direction of a style you like or a retailer you might not have thought to visit. I wish we could have done more, but its tough getting people on board. Maybe next year hey?

Don't forget to head on over to the other gorgeous swimwear panel members to see how they got on with their Elomi swimwear...

Coverage -  The coverage was great, well as great as it can be in a bikini, but with the added Tankini it was excellent 5/5

Overall I really did love this suit, I of course love the statement it makes, the 2 fingers up to society who would have you think chunky birds shouldn't be seen in anything but a muu muu, its bold colour and sleek lines. 

Mhairi - Lilybobombs 
Gina - Fat Fit Fine

And of course a HUGE thanks to Mhairi, Gina and Sara who were kind enough and brave enough to accept my challenge. Thanks Ladies, you're all a bit fabulous!

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  1. I am really sorry but I hate the bikini. Its barely a bikini more a swim suit with a bit missing. Whilst you rock it probably the best I have seen yet, I'd rather see you in a high waisted bikini that didnt look like slimming pants.
    The swim suit is cute but the lack of inspiring print makes me think of my grandma on the beach.You look so pretty in it but for me it need colour...vibrancy.

    1. I totally get where you're coming from KK, I think it does need to be a shorter pant, and yes it would benefit from a better, funkier (or retro) print x x

  2. This is gonna sound so weird seeing you're exposing skin but I can't stop looking at how amazing your hair looks in these pics, really beautiful xx

    1. Lol, bless you thank you! It was a rather good hair day. A rarity! X x x

  3. as a plus size blogger in my country I also posted my 'fatkini' pictures, and although I never thought I would, I was proud with it and the message was well appreciated. Of course a couple of bad comments were in the count, but I was pleased anyway with the many good ones. I am really interested in trying Elomi as a busty girl, Italian bras are such a shame I haven't been buying one in ages, I always buy from Uk. I love the purple colour of the bikini on you, but prefer the tankini on you design wise. The location might not be 'exotic' heheh but the message is clear and perfect :)

  4. You look amazing! Well done for being brave enough to do this post. I would never feel comfortable being in a bikini, but you look fabulous! I've nothing but admiration and respect for all the ladies who embrace their bodies in 'fatkinis'- they always look fabulous rocking their curves!

    I got the Evans pindot swimsuit to wear for my hydrotherapy sessions and I really love it, too!

  5. Oooh, once again we're in the same stuff! Makes me think our styles might be more closely related than I first thought!! Overall pretty similar thoughts it seems, except clearly I've got expensive taste! You look incredible in them by the way - fatkinis for the win!

  6. Ohhh it is difficult to you but it is give nice look!!! and it is so cool on you.....i like your dress up......wonderful!!
    Going Out Dresses

  7. i like your collection,nice outfits



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