Dear George.......


So, you all know I like to have the occasional rant, and I think I'm well overdue one, so here goes.....

Oooops wrong George....
Over the last few months, following the George at Asda twitter and Facebook accounts I've noticed some mighty fine bits of clothing pop up. Excited by the fast fashion and low price, I've hot footed it over to the website only to be disappointed that the sizing stops at a 20.

Now this isn't the G21 range I'm talking about which we all know, very sadly stops at a 20, but just the regular old main range, which at one point used to run to a 24 the whole range through, there was a point Asda also had a plus range right through to a 28, but let's not drag up those memories eh?
Disappointed by the reduced size range I questioned the twitter crew, I was told that some of the ranges only ran to a 20 and that the top end of the sizing always sells out.... Oh wait.... Surely there's a message in there for you somewhere Mr Asda? A big FAT glaring message?

Then, last week a beautious dress appeared in my twitter feed, a sexy shirt dress, great autumnal colours, featured in some great editorials.... So off I went to the website to find, no surprises, it only ran to a 20.... So I *might* have written in my haste and anger a bit of ranty email... Yes I've become one of *those* people. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.... You want to see it don't you?

Hello there, 

I am writing to you today regarding your PR and George range. First off I'd like to say I love the George line, I spend a lot of my hard earned cash on your range, but of late I've found it increasingly difficult to do so. 

As a size 22/24 I've found that if the 22/24's haven't sold out instantly it would now seem that an increasing amount of your regular range only runs to a 20 now. I have to say I find this incredibly disappointing. I wondered if there was any reason behind this dramatic reduction in sizing range?

When I recently conversed with your twitter team regarding this, they were quick to dismiss my claims stating that the whole regular range (excluding g21 obviously) did run to a 24, but we both know this is not true. 

In regards to blogger relations Asda are yet to get a good grasp on this vital area of PR, they very rarely RT any blogs that feature their clothing especially those from plus size bloggers, if I didn't know any better I'd say Asda had something against fat people (surely not?!) where as your main rival Tesco are currently working very closely with the plus size community to develop their ranges and are going out of their way to forge fantastic relationships. 

 I can only hope that Asda will take note of this great example and follow suit, because we'd sure like to continue spending our cash with you, but with limited sizing and poor communication, I fear we will take our business elsewhere. I for one, most definitely will. 

Yours truly 
Disgruntled fat bird.

Not too bad huh? I was both complimentary and constructive....
What did Asda have to say?..... Should I even be surprised by this response? No.

Hi Becky 

Thank you for taking the time to contact me about the sizes in our George range. I'm sorry there hasn't been as much choice available in your size. I can certainly understand how frustrating this must be for you, especially when you love the range. 

 After speaking with our Buying Team they've advised that we do have sizes up to a 24 in selected ranges. They have said they'll keep your feedback in mind for when they come to review the range. Once again thank you for taking the time to contact me. 

If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.   
Kind regards * 
ASDA Service Team 

 *name removed 

So what do you think? At a time when their main rivals are taking social media to the next level are Asda missing a trick? When their main rivals are investing in their plus size ranges are Asda missing ALL the tricks...? 

But hey, they make billions, they don't need the fats do they..? Or do they? If media was to be believed its us greedy fatties who are buying all their junk food, baked goods, fizzy pop, frozen chips... *ahem* 

So as happy as they are to sell us their £1 rollback deals, they don't want to clothe us in their bargain clothing. 

Well George, this time, it is you, not me. I'm sorry to say, but I'm breaking up with you, I've been having a menage a trois with Florence and Fred. It's over.

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  1. Go you! What a bollocks reply they go up to a 24 in about 5 dresses out of 35 not good enough ! Fancy a 4 some? ;) xx

  2. I can't believe they wrote such a short and uninspiring reply. They are definately missing something...and now they'll be missing a lot of customers!

    I've never particularly liked their website anyway as you can't narrow down your search by size (and I hate trawling through stuff to find half of it doesn't come in my size or is out of stock).

  3. I too love asda and the range of clothes but sizes are poor and i think we should all write them letters to make them see its not just one fat bird that has a problem with their sizes and pr! X

  4. Ooo I am a fan of George but the sizing is frustrating, they are really missing a trick here.

  5. What a crap reply! The curtious thing to do would have been to respond to each point you very politely put across to them, but this sounds to be like the person skimmed over the letter and put together a template reply to get rid of you. They need to realise how many sales they're going to miss out on because we all know there is so much demand for their clothes.

  6. Good for you for getting in touch with them. I agree with Louise it is a crap reply. They haven't noted your point about plus size bloggers AT ALL. It is a shame... what is the email address Becky? maybe we should all have a go at contacting them. The more emails they get the more likely they are to address it. xXx

  7. good on you for contating them. i don't normally do too bad in my closest Asda but i think that might be because its an ASDA Living, i do wish the G21 went to a bigger size as the size 20 can be a bit on the snug size. if they can justify selling things in a size 4 why not a size 24??

  8. Sorry to disagree but I was in on Saturday, bought 3 items; a blazer, a jumper dress and long cardigan all size 24. It's not their fault if the biggest sizes sell out and I personally love the fact I can look around almost the entire shop and know that it goes up to my size with out being banished to a specific little corner of 'clothes for fat folk'. They may miss a few items. But at least they are attempting to open up the full range to everyone. Love the blog just had to disagree on this one.

  9. Thanks for your replies every one. It's a tricky one for me too, because I genuinely love their range. And yes anonymous you're completely right about being able to buy clothes from the regular range, that after all is ultimately what we all want, the reason for my letter was because those sizes have dramatically reduced I do remember a time when the main range, all of it went up to a 24. As Rachel pointed out, out of around 35 dresses around only 5 now go up to a 24 and that's not because they sold out, that's because they've stopped making them any bigger. And as for them running out, that is their fault! Supply and demand, they need to stock larger quantities of their big sellers, simple business sense! I am so glad you found stuff in store though, I'm always happy to hear when people have a good shopping experience :)

  10. And PS.. You don't have to be sorry! I love to hear everyone's feed back, I don't expect everyone to agree with me and welcome any dialogue!! X x x

  11. I think maybe your point on blogger relations is asking a bit much! Asda will handle the PR however they want and obviously they are yet to find any value in blogging, just because Tesco offer out sponsorships and free clothing to bloggers doesn't mean Asda should as well. I do agree that its sad their buying is off though, unfortunately I much prefer most of Asda's designs to Tescos but its very rare I can find them in my size which is very annoying!

  12. i recently purchased a lovely owl embelished sweatshirt/jumper from Asda im normally a 24 in their range an was delighted that i was able to get this piece and it was the perfect fit. in haste i also lifted a similar piece with a rabbit on it. same size. it doesnt fit its too tight. i dont understand that!

  13. I have done two blogger based campaigns with Asda. I was skeptical at first, but they were amazing to be honest. AND they said thank you both times. The jubilee post I did was pretty fun... They sent me picnic supplies and fudge so I could enjoy the theme too!

    To be honest - the two campaigns on which I worked with Asda, overlapped with their NORMAL blogging based campaigns and weren't aimed at PLUS Size, so much as ALL women who can enjoy their range. I kind of liked that it was looking at all women. I go to Asda for simple things sometimes and think they do okay. They don't cover everything - but to be honest - I don't REALLY think Tesco or Sainsburys do either. But then, I look at them as stores with a Fashion Range rather than actual Fashion stores (if that makes sense?).

    I agree that sizing cuts absolutely suck though. AND I agree that social media reps need to be informed. Yes. Absolutely they do. But this response isn't PR based - it is simply classic, placating customer service. I actually imagine if I wrote a similar note to Tesco's customer service the response might be just as uninspired. I wrote to Harrods when they discontinued carrying Anna Scholz. THAT was uninspired too...!


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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