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Hey everyone, hope your day has been ok. Mine unfortunately was a repeat of yesterday, got all dressed up, but couldn't muster up, whatever I needed to muster up to go out. Got teary and panicky and spent the day at home instead. Which frankly sucks big ones, but I am definitely going out tomorrow because I have a meeting in Leeds, my folks are coming to pick me up and drive me there, so I know I'll be ok! (yes I'm 32, yes it's a bit pathetitic but hey, depression doesn't have a particular demographic it just shits on anyone it wants!)

So swiftly moving on, first off the fancy technology of rafflecopter picked a winner for the Tesco voucher, it was a lady called Rachel, who has been handed the code already and may well be spending it as we speak!

So, as I did actually get dressed today I thought I'd share my outfit with you!

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Windswept and interesting....

It was a tad windy outside today, check out the do! The outfit itself is a bit of a Pinterest rip off, I saw a similar outfit on a girl on there except hers was a leopard shirt with a coral cardi, so I used existing items in my wardrobe to recreate the look. As I've mentioned before most of the outfits on Pinterest won't be setting the fashion world alight any time soon, but I love to while away a few hours looking over the outfit combos and thinking how I can do it with my existing wardrobe.

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Put your hands on your hips.....

What I wore....
Leopard print cardi - Simply Be (past season)
Coral shirt - Clothing at Tesco (past season)
Jeans - Simply Be (past season)
Shoes - New Look (past season)
Belt - Dorothy Perkins (past season)

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Where do you find your fashion inspiration from? Magazines, street fashion, celebrities?

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