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I made a promise to myself that this summer I wouldn't wear black, well summer never really happened did it? Until this week that is, so what did I do today? Wear black! Ha! But it wasn't because I wanted to hide away or wear something flattering, I do think that a black outfit, even in Summer can look really chic. 

I reviewed this dress a while back, but again due to the wether at the time I popped a jumper underneath and some black tights, but it is actually better suited to summer, it's a lightweight linen/viscose mix, so it has that cool feeling of linen but doesn't instantly crease upon, well, breathing.

I accessorised with a thin belt and sparkly sandals, and of course, sunglasses!

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Don't be too blinded by milk bottle legs....
What have you been wearing now the summer is actually here?!

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  1. I think black can be a great color for summer. Especially a dress like this because it so obviously has a summer cut to it, showing off so much skin. I love dresses like this that can be layered over other items in the following seasons (like you mentioned). Great look, cute sandals too!

    1. Thanks Moe, its just such and easy dress to wear, and when its scroching that's what we need! x

  2. Looks good on you. I have been under the dark depths of my bed fishing out summer clothes, some of which still have tags on as our summers have been so bad!

    1. Its been so changeable!! What's a girl to do?! LOL xx


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