Plus North - Part One


Once upon a time there was a girl Called Becky, she started a blog inspired by the most fabulous set of strong, stylish and of course Plus Size women she had spent many months reading. As the Months went by she was lucky enough to be invited to some rather swanky do's in that there London, which was bloody marvellous, but, train fares don't come cheap, neither do hotels in our fair capital. So she thought it might be nice to organise something up north, a chance for a change of scenery, something a bit closer to home for all the northern based bloggers and maybe make the London contingent do a bit of travelling for a change....

And so Plus North was born. Right...! I'll stop now with the story telling shall I? Anyway, as you know the lovely Toni got on board and as they say, the rest is history. We started planning back in February, the 6 months have flown by and I can't quite believe its all over an done with! We started off with quite modest plans but it all kind of snowballed and the once planned small bloggers meet became a huge event of which Toni and I are very proud.

Really its just a series of posts to show you some of the fab pictures that were taken, a few thank you's and a bit more about the future...

I think one of the best parts of the day was the "Mighty Boof!" - Every one just seemed to have so much fun, I only managed to jump in quickly with Mr BeBe and ours are really tame compared to everyone else's. You can see everyone else's here they are SO funny....

We look like a complete pair of tools, which to be fair...we are!!
The Lovely Meg who is the official Simply Be photographer caught lots of great snaps, you can see the full set here, here's are some of my faves though...

L-R Mhairi, Me, Toni
Photograph courtesy of Simply Be

Our beautiful, brave and gorgeous models with their Simply Be Goody Bags
Photograph courtesy of Simply Be

I'm yet to get the official snaps from our photographer, but heres some more of my favourites...

Love this one of Me & Toni
Photograph Courtesy of Janie Britton -

The venue just starting to fill up...
Photography by Rebecca Northcott © 2012

OK so, I think I'll have to spread it across a couple of posts, but needless to say we had the best day ever. There's lots of posts up already, I'm planning on popping them all up on the Plus North blog and probably on here too. Part 2 to follow!!

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  1. thank you and toni again for such a great day xx

  2. Thank you somuch to both you and Toni for all your heard work your are both amazing women I'm so lucky to have met you. xx

  3. yey you used some photos :D I cant wait to see the official ones :D I hope Im on one somewhere...

  4. So jealous i couldn't make it !
    Cannot wait to see more :)

  5. This was such a wonderful event. You and Toni should be so proud of yourselves for everything you have achieved. I trust lots of good things will come from all your hard work. Thanks for organising Plus North for us :-) xxx

  6. What a fabulous day! Thank you Becky and Toni plus all the team who helped out and the wonderful models. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Having been utterly stressed and frazzled for the last few weeks this was just what Dr Feelgood ordered. As they say in Grimbo cheers darl!!


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