Plus North - Part 2


Well hello! I said I wasn't sure how many parts I would do, but I think their are so many great Plus North blog posts out there, that everything really has been said. So all that's left really is quick note on my outfit!

I was so busy on the day there's actually not that many pics of me, but I've borrowed some from other folks so you can get a rough idea. In the end I went for chic, simple and comfortable. I knew I'd be running around a lot so I had to find something that would be durable for the day, not crease up but look stylish.

I went with a gorgeous navy drape maxi from Chesca. I first fell in love with this dress when we visited the Chesca studio a couple of months ago. I did have another dress lined up but unfortunately it was bit small in the bust, so when I found myself dress-less the lovely Pete from Chesca had already said should I need a dress for the event to give him a call, so that's what I did!!

As with my gorgeous jumpsuit from Chesca, the dress did not disappoint, the heavy viscose is so great on, it hangs beautifully but has lots of stretch in it for freedom of movement.

Slightly blurry but it gives you an idea of the shape..
Photograph Courtesy of Rouge Noir PR

I'm such a cheese-meister....
Photograph courtesy of Mhairi

Here's the dress itself on the website...

Navy jersey drape dress
Navy Jersey Drape Dress

I wore the dress with some multi coloured sandals from Primark, big mistake, the zip kept falling down, I had to keep bending over to do it up! Sorry for those who kept getting greeted by my bum all day! My jewellery was from H&M, just went for beautiful turquoise necklace and bangles...

So there you go! As Toni and I look to next years event we'll probably popping a questionnaire up over the next few weeks to gauge what you  liked/disliked about the event (if you attended) and what you might like to do next year.

I know its been said a million times, but we really did have the best time, and it was a great honour to put on such an event for all your wonderful ladies out there and we can't wait for the next one!! 

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  1. The dress is so beautiful, I really want one myself, and you totally rocked it as usual! xxx

  2. A simple and wonderfully effective dress. Meant you could rock the event worry free = perfect in my book xx


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