An open letter to Gemma Collins....


Dear Gemma,

We need to talk.... It would seem for some time now you've been touting yourself as the plus size poster girl, a chubby people's princess if you will. But it would seem you're a bit of a fraud, a charlatan amongst our ranks. 

Your  constant dieting, fat camp visiting, fat shaming ways aren't going unnoticed. For months now a teaser campaign has been running for your "Plus Size" clothing line, promising all us fat girls an exciting range, a range that will save us from our depressing world of black tents (patronising much?) - so, with baited breath we await your range, then finally, yesterday, we were given a sneak peak, ok... Some dresses, some bright colours... Nothing to set the fashion world alight, but in our limited market place we welcome any new additions and widening of choice...... Then BOOM... Sizes range from 16-22...!!! Pardon? I'm sorry?  Anyone who shops for plus size clothing knows getting clothes up to a 22 is a relatively more easy task than it used to be, a large percentage of high street stores and supermarkets now stock up to 22, but for those over that size it's still extremely limited, frustrating and can be incredibly costly. 

If, Miss Collins, the reports are to be believed, you're set to make over a million from this venture. So, I put it to you; surely any body with a bit of business nouse would realise you've just alienated yourself from a HUGE chunk of the market?!..... As Julia Roberts said to the snotty shop assistant in Pretty Woman... "BIG mistake, Huge". And it really is Gemma, because as we see you yo-yo dieting, going out with guys who a few weeks previous basically said they wouldn't touch you with a barge pole when sober because you're fat and now limiting your "plus size" range to a 22, I put it to you, are you in fact ashamed of being fat? Not body confident? And indeed not best placed to market yourself as plus size representative?

I suggest you spend some time researching your market better, maybe speaking to plus size women, reading plus size blogs and understanding your public better. Yes, you're only human, just an average joe, but you chose to thrust yourself into the limelight, and make issue of your body size, so please handle the opportunity you've been given with a little more savvy and respect, do your home work, and set out your market stall, as it were, a little better.

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs "fat and proud" BeBe 

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  1. Well said, I personally don't watch TOWIE but the things I have heard around the office about the fat shaming and basic hideousness around guys being ashamed to be with her is just awful!

    Why would someone who wasn't happy or confident with their size want to market themselves as some sort of ambassador for plus size women everywhere! The last thing we need is another person telling us what we shouldn't wear or what doesn't "flatter" etc...

    If plus north taught us anything this weekend its that there are a hell of a lot of confident plus size ladies out there who don't want to be dictated to about fashion.

    I am off on a bit of a rant now but I personally am so sick of people telling us we need to squeeze ourselves into sausage-like shapewear or wear this or that to hide this and that... ENOUGH! I love my body and don't want to hide it! *rant over* <3

  2. I've watched TOWIE from the beginning and when Gemma arrived it was a breath of fresh air to see a plus size girl who claimed to be happy in her own skin. Yet like you say - the fat camps, self-loathing and allowing herself to date a bloke who admitted would be more his type if she weighed less. I think you've hit the nail on the head. She doesn't like being fat. If that's her view then that is fine - she is entitled to it. But then she needs to stop pretending she represents us because what she is saying and what she is doing are two very different things. xXx

  3. Absolutely Love this, soo very very true xx

  4. Brilliant post, I think people like Gemma Collins are doing more harm than good to the plight of us plus size ladies trying to get nice clothes. Wearing great clothes is what gives me confidence but with some of the retailers I just want to go scream at whoever is making the decisions on what to make and sell. If I was a size 22 I could go in most places to get clothes so why would I want to get something from some idiot who is famous for nothing.

  5. Totally agree, I would send this link to her if I were you ;-)

  6. Great post. I've spent the last 18 years trying, half heartedly, to lose weight. It's only now, having discovered blogs like yours, that I've started to love myself and realise I am ok as I am. I can be fat and fit. Maybe Gemma needs to get herself into blogging :)


  7. brilliant! :)
    well written mrs. :)
    i hope she reads it.. shes not a stupid women, but might knock some sense into her. she is no more something special than the rest of us. i think with the likes of lucy lydia and jess having their own skinny lines, they thought gemma would be a diff market.. id sack the pr to be honest.. *sigh*

  8. Ive been waiting for this post having seen you and the others go at it on Twitter! I wholeheartedly agree with you. A plus size range to me is not one that stops at 22. I'm still learning to love myself as I am and am trying to lose a bit of weight for health reasons but only a size or two. Even then I wouldn't make it (or maybe just) into her so called 'range'!

    Good on you chick. You said what we're thinking.x


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