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Oh so late again, things are so crazy at the moment, so my apologies! So this week were doing sheer, I love how this trend been everywhere this year and has moved from just tops to trousers and skirts, I especially love the sheer maxi skirts with the half lining in them, I'm yet to acquire one but think they look fab.
I've got quite a few sheer tops in my wardrobe, I decided to wear this one because it's the most apparent so-to-speak. I think if I was wearing this in the day time I'd wear a vest top as opposed to just the bra, but I thought it would be nice to try it with the bra. I think in hindsight a flesh coloured bra would have looked better too, but it was worth a, here is my sheer look... *booby alert*

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Please excuse the terrible photograph, we thought we'd try taking one outside but it was too dark, but Michael thought it looked quite 70's so I've kept it in for a laugh!
To be fair the photos from inside aren't much better!

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What I wore...
Bird print shirt - Clothing at Tesco (past season)
Jeans - Simply Be
Pumps - New Look

Head on over to the other Five Take folk to see how they took on sheer!

Gina - Fat Fit Fine

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  1. A black bra would look pretty as well! Your poor boobies :(

    K xx

  2. Ooh I love this look on you, you cheeky minx ;-) I think the white bra looks amazing but like you say a nude bra would work just as well. If you could find a bra that was the same or a similar colour to your blouse that would also be good! Personally I feel that a black or other dark-coloured bra would not be a good choice here as your blouse is pretty and feminine and it would be too harsh a contrast. The blouse is such a great colour for you xxx

  3. Oh! I do love some good sheer, that top is super cute.

  4. So comfortable and perfect for the girls! It doesn't roll at the band. Really great support. I just wish it came in other colors. I will buy bali bras more.


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