So unless you've been held captive on planet Zogg (wherever that might be) you'll have at least heard of Pinterest. I was quite late to the party, but I've got to say, I'm hooked. It's so pleasant to while away a few minutes, *ahem* hours, looking at pretty things. Admittedly most of the fashion will not be winnning any awards for innovation, but if you want to view lots of though out, put together, grown up cuteness this is your place. So, to that end I decided to put together my own Pinterest inspired outfit today.

Firstly please forgive my creased appearance, I didn't get chance to take pics when I first got ready, so this is the result of 2 sweaty train journeys and some intense city centre shopping in some not so pleasant humidity.

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What I wore...

Shirt - South at Littlewoods (past season)

Jeans - New Look

Pumps - New Look

Scarf - H&M

I've also noticed lots of friendship bracelets popping up on Pinterest of late too, so I took a trip down memory lane and made myself one, just like I used to in the 90's... Awwwww

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I've blogged about the wing bracelet before but just in case anyone's interested, it's from the most amazing and wonderful Hairy Growler...

So, have you caught the Pinterest bug yet, or have you had your fill of social media-ry type sites?

Oh yeh... If you want to see what I've been pinning, you can find me on

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  1. I'm addicted to Pinterest too but it always leaves me with one question. How do so many women have time to do THOSE nails?

    1. I know right?!! I'm lucky if I can get a coat of polish on and not smush it! X

  2. Love this cute outfit babe! The jeans are HOT!



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