Thursday, 21 June 2012

OOTD: I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok...

So from the blistering heat of yesterday, I found myself reaching deep into my wardrobe and pulling out one of my favourite slob about, rainy day shirts...

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What I Wore

Checked shirt - Tesco

Leggings - Sainsburys

Boots - Kurt Geiger

So I'm totally aware this is like the worlds most boring outfit, but just thought I'd share an everyday kind of look with you! Hope you don't mind!

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What do you wear to slob around in?


  1. When I slob around, I usually have on sweats and a tshirt.

  2. Love your shirt !
    I slob out in Pajamas :)

  3. Those boots are awesome! If I'm hanging around the house, I'm usually in a loose drapey cardigan, tank top, and leggings. :D

  4. I used to slow out in my onsie but I ruined it by getting frustrated with the zip and yanking it off!
    Your shirt is gorgeous and you look beautiful as usual. xx

  5. I love to see what other peoples 'down time' outfits are. I'm pretty similar, leggings and a tee or jumper.

  6. I love it! Tartan shirts are awesome! Not that i am biased being Scittish or nothin ;) lol x

    1. Make that Scottish! Not so much of the scittish! Ha

  7. Those boots are amazing!!! *jealous*

    And that outfit is so much better than what I wear around the house.. :D


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