Love is in the air....


It's true, it really is... The lovely Olivia of Wait Until The Sunset got engaged in New York last week, I defy anyone to read her post and not shed a little tear, the sheer elation and joy in her face is a wonder to behold.

Over on twitter there was much talk about the new BBC series True Love. The first episode aired on Sunday evening and although for some it made for uncomfortable viewing I think it was beautifully done and spoke volumes without that much dialogue, the unspoken emotion between characters was for me compelling.

I think for me though, the most poignant viewing this week was the final episode of Desperate Housewives (I know, its Desperate Housewives, but stick with me..) in particular Lynette's Maid of Honour speech. For those who don't watch it, she spoke of taking love for granted and how once that ring is on your finger you can find yourself looking for the next big event in your life, looking around for something to make you happy, when in fact, you are happy you just forgot.

I guess that brings me round to my point.... If there is one..... Sometimes we forget, we take for granted those close to us.

Seeing fabulous women like Olivia find love, and feel so much joy should, I hope, give anyone who is in search of that, eternal hope.

I think for a Plus Sized woman, dating can sometimes feel even more hopeless than maybe our slender counterparts, I've spoken about this before in my Plus One? Post, in a world consumed with appearance, and one that dictates that thin is good, fat is bad, it can be hard to catch a romantic break. Many people will deny their true feelings towards someone because aesthetically they don't meet what society dictates is attractive. Well you know what? Fuck you society, everyone is entitled to their Mr/Mrs Right, don't settle for anything less than thunderbolt, earth shattering, supportive, wonderful love. You deserve every little bit of it. Trust me. And that goes for everyone thin, fat, tall, short, Martian the bloody lot.

I found my earth shatterer, I just forget it sometimes. Sorry Mr BeBe.

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  1. I read Olivia's post with tears in my eyes. Her reaction was just so moving. I wish her and her hubby to be all the luck in the world.

    I wish the world would accept every person for who they are, no matter their size, shape, colour, whatever... Everybody deserves love no matter what they look like! I definitely say fuck society!

  2. Off to read Olivia's post. I must say, me and my beloved met on a less than sober night out, while, me, a size 18 was wearing a "Mrs.Santa" outfit that was way too short. Luckily, 6 months down the line we are still way in love. I think the key is to stop obsessing over size/weight and be confident, confidence is so attractive.

  3. Going to read that post. I watch DH to and lynettes speech was great...I did fill up at that point.
    I met my man 5 years ago when I was many dress sizes biger than I am now...he has hardly noticed anything has changed and I'm happy for that weight wasnt an issue to us and nver will be x

  4. I love this post. I think I need a new mantra. Repeating "I am good enough" five times a day!


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