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Howdy! It's Five Take time, this week we're doing Festival Chic. Let's firstly get this one out of the way, shock, horror, I've never been to a festival. I hate camping, I hate portaloos. I would love to do one, but until I can afford to stay in a swanky hotel or chic teepee this ain't happening. But; should I ever go to a festival, I would consider wearing something like this....

From what I've seen most festivals are a complete wash out, so I've gone for layers. Ideally, I would have liked to have worn wellies, but alas, wellies to fit the fat girls calves a few and far between and I'm yet to own a pair. I'm sure there are some out there, I just haven't searched extensively. Thick black tights and highwaisted shorts are teamed with a long sleeve leopard print top (it's actually my ASOS leopard print dress) my coral scarf for a bit of colour and my fab lightweight parka.

I would have liked to have worn denim shorts with this, but I'm waiting for some to arrive that I've ordered from the new look sale. Yet again, I digress....Apologies for the grumpy arse pic, don't know why I didn't crack a smile, I'm in a fairly good mood, I promise!

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What I wore...

Parker - Simply Be (past season) Dress (worn as a top) - ASOS

High waisted shorts - Love Label at Littlewoods (past season)

Boots - Kurt Geiger

Tights - Evans

Scarf - Internacionale

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I think festival chic is moving away from the traditional boho styling and people are expressing their style a bit more in what they wear. Which is no bad thing. I like the boho styling, and I was into in a big way a couple of years ago, but, I just don't feel it's me any more. I'd like to think the earrings are just a little nod to this.

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  1. Actually the mean and moody picture is very fitting for festival chic! All the celebs stomp around in their hunters looking moody - I like the face! I also like the outfit - very festive.

    1. Ah thank you, maybe I was born to be a celeb, I certainly have the spending habits!

  2. OOh, very cool! I will need to get my gumboots on and take a pic today, not so rock chic though I'm afraid!

    1. I'm sure you'll still look fab, that's what five take is for, express our own style through the different challenges! That's why I love it! X x

  3. I feel like the parka is the most important part of this outfit, haha!


  4. I'm exactly the same....I've never been to a festival due to me not being pro-camping, much. I mean, I'd do it if I had to, but I'm not going to deliberately seek it out. That being said, I love this outfit because its exactly what I consider to be festival wear...I'd totally rock a parka and scarf and layers if I ever got dragged to one!

  5. Ohmygosh.. so obsessed with this leopard print & coral combo!! I've never been to an outdoor festival of any kind either, but I'd say you'd look darn chic if you were at one! :)


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