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Hey! My laptop is officially dead, I have no way of affording a new one at the moment, so until then I'm having to sporadically borrow one from my mum who lives an hour away or nip on Mr BeBe's desktop when he's not on it, this does not bode well when one is trying to maintain a blog and run your own business!! Anyway I digress, the reason I'm telling you this is my posts might not be a regular or as in depth as I'd like because of said laptop crisis!!

So a quick outfit post from me, I bought this dress a month or so ago from Dorothy Perkins, I've been meaning to blog it for a while, but never got round to taking pics the last time I wore it. The reason for today's post title is that it wasn't until I got the dress home did I realise it was from the Tall section, I just thought it was a really great length and was super chuffed it was a midi with a fab print!! ha! So the moral of the story is, if like me you are of a mid range height but find a lot of high street dresses come up way too short on you, check out the Tall section! You probably already knew this and I am as usual a bit late to the party!!

I wore....
Jacket - Littlewoods
Shoes - Primark

I love the print on this dress, more birds, surely I have a collection to rival that of Claire? Ok maybe not!! I'm loving all the splashes of mint popping up for the summer, I saw these fab shoes in Marks and Spencers the other day. I think I'm going to have to save for them...

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  1. Lovely dress. I have been looking at it A LOT but I doubt it'll stretch to fit my size 24/26 top half. Boo to DP not doing bigger plus sizes.

  2. I love the dress it looks lovely on, I went into dp to try it on but they don't seem to ever have any 22's in xx

  3. I have this dress! Though i bought the regular length one and it falls to the same place as yours haha! I love how you've styled it with the jacket and shoes!

  4. You had me as soon as I saw birds but this is a beaut on you :) I can see this will turn into one of those dresses for all seasons x

  5. Gorgeous dress and good old denim! I'm a total denim jacket convert ...

  6. Wish I could fit in DP stuff, it's not fair! You look lovely as always though x


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