OOTD: Crowning Glory


Hello!! Just checking in for a quick one, still sans comp, still blogging on borrowed computers, who'll ever have me I jump on their computer and bang out a quick post for you lovely folk!! Ha Ha!!

I took these pictures last week whilst I was at my folks, we we're only nipping round to a friends for a cuppa but I wanted to wear my new top from purse friendly Asda...

George at Asda

I styled mine with my Simply Be Pixie Wide Leg jeans and Next Wedges I bought from eBay..... 

It was in hindsight I realised this blouse is probably Asda's way of celebrating the Jubilee, I just thought it was a cute print.... Ooops, oh well, call it my tribute to the old Queenie herself. Here's to you love!

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  1. I adore this top, I may have to get one myself

  2. I picked this top up in Asda and put it back down! It looks lush!

  3. That's such a cute print. There's so much crown print around its brilliant to be included by somewhere that goes past a sz 18! I also love that this top is long enough to cover the hips, as supermarket stuff is sometimes just a bit short. You look great,
    w x

  4. i love the top i have a cardigan from asda with the crowns on prob for the jubilee too but ill be wearing it afterwards xx


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