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Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all super and well. I thought I'd pop a little post up asking you all a favour really. As the title of this post suggests, if you happen to like what I do, and think maybe I deserve a little recognition for it, could I ask you mosey on over to the next website and perhaps nominate me for the Cosmo newcomer award?

Not only would it be super and fab to be nominated but it would be REALLY great to see a Plus Size Fashion blog in the nominations, we're a small community but I often think plus size blogs play an even more important part in their readers fashions choices and inspiration than perhaps a straight sized fashion blog. You know I've banged on about it before, but blogs really are the only place you can see fashion and clothing on a body shape and size more familiar to your own and give the plus woman a sense of hope and confidence that she can't very often find in the general media.

So I'll get off my soap box now and just ask, if you do happen to like what I do, click on the picture below and fill in a very quick couple of boxes and nominate me for a blog award. Thank you muchly,

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Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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