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So.... I was having my weekly torturous read of the Daily Fail website, yes, yes I know but it's kind of like a car crash, sometimes you can't help but look, a morbid fascination if you will. When I happened upon a story about Gemma from TOWIE. Now those of you on the Plus Size fashion scene will probably know who she is, as of late she's been popping up a store openings and speaking of a forth coming plus fashion line. I myself only know of her because of this. I've never seen the programme she features in, but I thought I'd have a read of this article...

The general gistage is, she gave him a hand job a while back and when questioned by his friends if he's slip her one, he basically said, she's pretty but fat, maybe if I was drunk. Well of course I was naturally outraged, vile disgusting little man. If you don't fancy her, just say, "no sorry, I don't fancy her" but don't play the old beer goggles card, you'd either give her one or not. Simple.

After much discussion on twitter it would appear this is not the first time he's said this to her and yet she keeps going back to fratenise with this little scrote.

I of course said I would a. Knock him out and b. not even entertain him. But then I thought back over my dating time and although Gemma herself is the same age as me, she reminds me of me 10 years ago. I have indeed been many a man's dirty little secret, quite happy to get a blow job out of you, but would never take you out in public. Comes home with you after a night out whilst leaving his thin "public" girlfriend at home.

I've been ridiculed in the workplace by all the lads in the garage I worked in, yet still went home several times with one of them, all the time thinking I'd achieved something, but I hadn't had I? Because he'd never tell the lads he liked me, that he'd slept with the fat girl from the office.

And why did I do this to myself? Well, lets not lie, I was horny for starters, but mainly because I wanted attention, I wanted to be loved and validated, but all I was doing was hurting myself. Over and Over again.

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  1. Totally agree. Been there, taken off the T-shirt. I think we all have regardless of size, beauty or brains. I nearly out my foot through the TV last night.

    Why is it the people who judge the hardest are truly in no position to judge. Is it to make THEMSELVES feel better that they project their own self loathing onto others?

  2. Ugggggh that's so very, very awful. :( I hate when people do that 'secret fat shag' thing. It just does no justice to anyone, and hurts everyone: the fat people they shag secretly and never take out publicly, the thin people they date in public but never satisfy, and themselves by having secret lives and never coming out of the cupboard. It's a bloody disgrace.
    That's why Public Displays of Affection are such an act of revolution. I've only been with people who hold your hand and kiss you in public; and obviously ended up with the king of PDA. And that time they aired that awful Channel 4 show, we went outside cuddling and kissing nonstop the morning after, holding hands and not sorry. No, we won't get a room. x

  3. Well said my lovely.

    Very very well said xx

  4. I actually watch this mindless garbage. Why? I don't really know. Perhaps it is the accents and ridiculousness. Anyway, the guy Arg is actually fat as well. Interesting, huh?

  5. Well said you. Yes I too have been someone's 'go to girl' but not their girlfriend. It made me feel wanted for a while and then absolutely bloody awful afterwards. But I still went back again and again and again. Low self esteem is a terrible thing.

  6. It does seem to highlight the difference between female acceptance of fat blokes and blokes non acceptance of fat females. Oh the shame, to go home with a pretty, funny, savvy female who can only be defined in the media and by other men as 'fat'.

  7. I have been the secret girl and I have watched many of my friends be that girl too! Sad but very usual!x

  8. I read this too. Not being funny but POT KETTLE - I dont even watch it and I know what hes been going through to lose the weight and the stigma attached to it so the rat faced shit stick should know better. Ive been there and done that too my friend, but I got the last laugh!

  9. What a bag of snot he is. I dont watch the show, though I saw a few episodes in the beginning (reminded me too much of why I moved out of Essex LOL). What is it with these men and trophy girlfriends?? If you love someone or fancy someone does it really matter what size they are? Chemistry is the key and feelings. Id rather eat discarded toenails than date an ass like him. I suppose the trophy girlfriend is just as essential to him as a new Superdry T-shirt (been informed these are the rage in Essex...sighs). Well written! xx

  10. Poignant, beautifully said and sad but true. Negative messages in the media are telling young fat girls they're not good enough. It's now our job to try and change that x

  11. I think this is disgusting ! People should be judged by the way they act and who they are not what they weigh ! Out of all the TOWIE girls Gemma is probably the nicest and most genuine and its sad to see people talk this way about her !

  12. And people wonder why it's been 6 years since I've been in a relationship, 4 years since I last had sex and 2.5 years since I was kissed??!! I will never be anyone's fat shag no matter how alone I may or may not feel!

    It's public figures like this that let us down - a. Size shouldn't matter but b. (and this is a BIG B) us plus size women should have more respect for ourselves, apparently there are lovely men out there but they are few and far between!

    What men don't seem to realise is that us "fatties" generally ate some of the most kindest, giving, loving and open hearted women they could ever find and by treating us like shite all they are doing is breaking our hearts and making themselves less!!

    I do feel that Gemma is letting us down but she's only young and maybe with time and life experience she will value herself in the right way and won't let creeps like that treat her badly!

    Here's wishing for good times and lovely lovers for all of us!!

  13. Well written Becky! I've been there too, although I didn't even realise that then. I do get it now, and NEVER. AGAIN.



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