BeBe's big day out....


I woke up yesterday morning more than a little stiff from the day before's activities (sounds dodgy, trust me its not, I'll write a blog about it soon, it involved carrying heavy boxes fields and cows..... that does not help does it?)
Anyway I boarded a train at Beverley Train Station, headed southbound to our countries great capital.....

A little montage, if you will, of the first part of my journey....

I changed at Doncaster and met up with the lovely Toni of "The only Way is Toni" where we headed south to meet up with the lovely Mhairi of "Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps"

So I've just realised I haven't told you why!! Ha Ha! Sorry!! So I was lucky enough to be invited to the A/W Preview for Florence+Fred at Tesco! The launch itself was held in Marylebone in the stunning "One Marylebone" where unbeknownst to us the lovely Tom form McFly got married a couple of days later! (useless pop factoid for you there folks!!) Outside we met up with the lovely Rivkie, Editor in Chief of SLiNK Magazine.

Rubbish pic, it was a bit dark and gloomy I'm afraid!

Upon entry we were greeted by and impressive room with vaulted ceilings and rails of delicious looking clothing.

It's all going to get a bit picture heavy from here on in, but lets face, that better than me whittering on, no?

Beautiful beading and nude tones.

Love the fur collar on this sequin jacket.

Boho scarf print dress with secy leather biker jacket on top

Some stand out pieces for me were, predictably.. the leopard print coat and blouse, and cute print blouses....

It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!!

Immense love.

Squirrels baby!!

Look familiar? I don't care because this one has sleeves and swans ;)

Heaps of gorgeous accessories had us all drooling....

I love the jewel tone pumps I can just imagine them brightening up the gloomiest of winters day. The A/W collection was made up of different looks, I particularly liked the Belgravia, "laid back chic with a glossy, luxurious edge" Of course the leopard print spoke to me, but what I really liked was the mix of textures glamorous sequins. 

And now, finally, here's some pictures of me pratting about with some of my favourite bits......

Oh yeh, and did I mention the punch?....... OH YEH...

We had such a fab day, look out for Toni and Mhairi's posts on it too, I can promise Mhairi's photo's will be  a million times better than mine!!

Thanks Tesco for a fantastic day, looking forward to the S/S launch already! and in the mean time looking forward to the Pop-Up shop in Convent garden at the end of this month....

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  1. Wow! The leopard print bag and the studded bag look amazing and the leopard print jumper too :] Gorgeous x

  2. ermmmmm that punch was strong!!!!

    My pics are rubbish too! must get Mhairi to give me a camera lesson! x

  3. awwwwwww this looks like an awesome day out!!! I totally need to move to the UK.

    Hilarious though, when I read the first paragraph I thought you said you were carrying lots of boxes full of cows lol. I was very impressed!


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