Review: State of Mind, Part 2


As promised here's part 2 of my review for State of Mind!! If you missed part one, its here..

Last week I received my second package from Michaela & Karensa, I was so excited because I'd been chomping at the bit to try out the pirouette, I love wrap tops, and this one did not disappoint. You know the illicit affair I was having with my flared jeans and flamingo top? Well this bad boy is invited,

I teamed it with my own striped T, red pumps and idiotic pose.... The trousers are the "read my hips" (still loving those cute names!) Needless to say, the items are again exceptional quality, soft against the skin and so comfortable. I can't wait to have a play with the top and try some of the other ways of wearing it featured on the website
The trousers are great. The waistband can be worn high for support and warmth for cold bods like me and give a smooth appearance over the tummy if that's what your after or they can be worn folded over hipster stylee if that's your thing! I was a little weary of a cropped flare, but I think they're really nice, I like where they sit on the leg, its quite Parisian I think! (Like I'm classy enough to pull that off, you have seen the picture above haven't you?)

I love this outfit, I think you could easily meet friends for coffee and then change footwear to go straight to the gym, dance class, yoga etc...

I really cannot stress how impressed I've been with the quality, comfort and fit of the range. I've just got one more piece to bring you next week some time, which I'm looking forward to.

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  1. You look comfortable & stylish. I like the pops of red in the outfit,

  2. Fantastic photos! She looks amazing in every photo.

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  3. You look lovely!!! It's such a playful piece you can dress it up or down, will give lots of uses xx

  4. You look agreeable and snazzy. I like the flies of red in the outfit.
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