Review: State of Mind, part 1


Ooh that sounds ominous doesn't it? Part one?! Well let me start by saying the lovely Michaela and Kerensa founders of State of Mind sent me 2 very generous parcels of their active/leisure wear, or what they've cleverly called "wear everywhere" clothing for me to try out. So I have decided to spread the reviews across a couple of posts so I can do each piece justice. 

State of Mind launched in March, with a small but perfectly formed collection of separates. The fabric is sourced in Leicester and the garments are manufactured in Nottingham. Micheala told me the other day that they did try to have the range manufactured overseas, with a view to keeping costs at a minimum for the customer but after the first run it became apparent the quality and longevity of the fabric and garments was not up the their exacting standards and felt the customer deserved more, so they pulled the plug and lost a heartbreaking 5000 (oh my goodness) items of stock, because they knew the customer deserved better. 

The price point is high for some pockets, there's no denying that, but I think when you know the history, and take all the factors into consideration you can begin to understand why. I for one love the fact that its supporting British industry and after all this isn't fast fashion, these are items that will stay in your wardrobe for years, you'll use them for the gym, the school run, comfy days, walking, holidays.

So my parcel arrived this morning, packaged beautifully in their signature plum colour with the cute plum logo sticker....

Mondays are my admin day, Poppy goes to the child minder so I spend the day dealing with queries, doing accounts, planning the diary etc, so I decided to try out the Base Camp top. It's a pretty simple top at first glance but on closer inspection it has some fab features. 

The deep, but not too deep scoop neck looks great, the slightly dipped hem to the back is great and my favourite feature is the thumb holes.....thumb holes you say?! Usually the reserve of straight size active wear and surf wear, little design features like this are rarely seen in plus clothing. Now you might be thinking... what's so great about thumb holes? Well, for a cold bod like me, its great to have some coverage on the hands without looking like a complete tool sitting round the house wearing gloves! Secondly when I'm out with Poppy, now that she's walking I have to have a firm grip on her hand, which I just cant get with gloves on, and boy do my hands get cold. This way at least they stay covered a bit. I know for you more sporty types they'll be lots of legit reasons why this is super too, but that's why they are fab for me!!! 

I teamed mine with some capri leggings and coral pumps today, The top is really comfortable and doesn't lose its shape at all. My only gripe is that I found the sleeves to be a little loose on me, but that's just down to my personal preference, I prefer a more form fitting sleeve.

After dinner this evening, as part of my quest to get my butt off the sofa a bit more, I decided to try out 2 more pieces and go for a swift walk around the block. Of late I've been feeling really sluggish, and my mental health hasn't been at it's greatest. I've always found being active help improve this, so its going to be a real pleasure to road test these garments and might just give me a much needed dose of motivation!

So I changed into the "T-Squared" (I love the funky names, shiz like that floats my boat!!) a really substantial double layered T-shirt, its really supportive, I can imagine in more rigorous activities this bad boy would keep everything in place! I popped the "Get Fleeced" jacket (its got thumb holes too, ok, I'll shut up about the thumb holes I promise) on top for warmth and off I went. 

It was quite a chilly evening, the fleece kept me lovely and warm. Aesthetically it's a really interesting ribbed fleece and looks great on. 

So far I'm really impressed by the excellent quality and the fit - I ordered sizes 22 throughout and found them to be true to size, the garments are comfortable yet stylish and in terms of price, they are more than you would pay for a high street active wear, but you and I know that plus size active wear is few and far between, its often bad quality and is usually emblazoned with tacky logos. I know that I would be happy to pay that bit extra for good quality, stylish garments, sometimes it really is about quality over quantity. 

By the time I do the next review I'm hoping to have popped all these items through the wash so I can report back to you how they do through the washer too!

Have you searched high and low for great active wear? What do you look for? Style over substance? Or is performance important to you too?

Disclaimer: This item/s was gifted to me for review. I have not been paid to write this article or comment favourably on the item/brand, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I'm so jealous, you (and the clothes!) look great!
    The first top especially is gorgeous!!
    Cem xx

    1. Thanks Cem, they are soooo comfy!! xx

  2. oooh these all sounds great. I find it hard to get things the right length in plus size. Tops are either tunics or too short and rise up when I'm working out/doing dailt chores.
    Love that they are a very British product, nice to have a more local option x

    1. Yes I think people are trying to be more concious when making purchases nowadays xxx

  3. Oooh I like a lot. All of my gym kit is hideous, baggy, nasty stuff. I might have to investigate.


    1. It's really great Linz, definitely worth looking in to! xx

  4. I keep looking at this but I really am unable to justify the price for a lot of the parts at the minute as they certainly do come in to the high end of sports wear.

    Great that they are out there making things in plus sizes though! If I had been at a constant dress size i'd probably indulge but until then i'll just have to be jealous of you and your thumbholes!

    1. LOL Katie, I totally understand that, especially if you are losing weight rapidly xxx

  5. This stuff looks great! I find it so hard to find good basics and good gym gear that isn't tent like or lycra skinny fit.

    Oh and I do love thumbholes!

    Its a shame about the price, if I could afford it I would definitely buy.

    1. It really is and its extremely good quality. But I will definitely take everyone's feedback to Michaela and Kerensa xxx

  6. I wear a lot of Nike in size XL if you are about a size UK22 then it would work for you too.I


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