OOTD - Earning my stripes...


Just a quickie, it was an admin day for me today, so needed to be comfortable, but I was feeling really down too, so I still wanted to dress well to make me feel good. I've spoke about this before briefly and think I'd like to explore "feel good" dressing a bit more in the future, I may be asking for your help!

Since getting my new do, I also feel like I need to re-evaluate my wardrobe, some of my more girly clothes just don't seem to make sense anymore. Weird huh?

So anyway, we nipped out for a quick walk when Mr BeBe and Miss P got home.... HEY look its my denim jacket!! Its been a while, have you missed it?!!

Its the denim jacket twins!!!

Denim Jacket - Littlewoods (Past Season)
Jersey Top - Love Label
Jersey Midi Tube Skirt - Love Label (via eBay Very Clearance Shop) ~(Similar available this season)
Pumps - New Look (Similar)

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  1. Love love love that skirt!

    Also loving the new do! xxx

    1. Thanks love!! Me too, I have a turquoise and black one too, it was in once of my very early posts, weird to look back at xx

  2. I still wear girly clothes to counter my asymmetrical do! I likes the contrast of them both!

    I am also a firm believer of 'feel good' dressing. And getting dressed even though you don't need to. Otherwise I feel I've wasted a day and no one wants that.

    MWAH you pretty thing

    K x

    1. Cheers me dears, I'm starting to push myself to get dressed, that way PJ days mean sooo much more!! xx

  3. I love stripy skirts! you look awesome! x

    T x

  4. Looking good again Mrs B! And you've given me an idea for an outfit! I have a skirt like yours in blue and black that I've yet to wear, I think it may make an appearance soon!

    I totally believe in 'feel good' dressing! Even if I'm not going out anywhere I put make up on and try to wear nice clothes it really does make me feel better! I've worn jeans for a few days on the trot recently and I'm feeling decidedly meh about myself! It's time to put the effort back into dressing!!

    1. Yey, so glad I've given you some inspiration!I totally know what you mean too, I'm really going to start making the effort now so I can feel better about myself!! xx

  5. Ooh! You have given me a few hints on how to wear my tube midi skirt - I can't always wear it with my peplum top!

  6. Too cute! You look like a chic mommy! Your daughter is such a cutie pie!!!

  7. I love that skirt, I feel like I would throw it on with everything.. flattering, chic, comfy.. perfect.


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