A confirmation of sorts....


On Saturday evening I went to the beautiful Beverley Minster, my friend Pauline kindly invited me to her confirmation, she also very kindly acknowledged that as an Atheist it wasn't my bag and should I not wish to come that was OK.

Pauline and I met last year having both moved to Beverley around the same time, and although we both live very busy lives (Pauline works full time, has a husband in the air force and has a funky food blog, have a read here and a small business PHEW I said we were busy) and don't get the chance to meet up as often as we should, it's been lovely to have a fellow newbie to the area to hang with. 

So to that end, in support of Pauline I went to the Minster. I didn't know what to expect, I was brought up an Atheist, apart from a brief dabble in Baptism in the 80's (I was there for the acoustic guitars and clapping to be honest), so off I toddled. The service involved a lot of candles (cool) some lovely singing (hoorah) a LOT of readings (snooze) and some rather enthusiastic hand shaking (this took me by surprise, but nice all the same!!).

Service aside, what does one wear to a confirmation? I went plain and simple. I teamed my beautifully simple, classic and comfortable Eliza Parker Venice dress with checked cropped mac and flat knee highs (I had to walk to the Minster so went for practical). I love this dress, see the review, but I wish I'd have been braver and gone for a colour, like Mhairi and Rebecca, they are such beautifully made dresses, I'm also completely in love with the Verona dress in teal, it is gorgeous!

 Venice Dress - Eliza Parker
Jacket - ermm I cant remember, it has no label! 
Boots - eBay

So, was I converted to the church? Did I have an epiphany? Ermmm no not exactly, but what it did confirm to me is that I do have faith; faith in the kindness, beauty and power of human beings. Cheesy, but true. We're pretty awesome, and if religion gives you strength, then so be it, I however will continue to worship at the alter of my god..... Fashion!! 

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  1. Lol - love this! i think religion is such a personal thing and can get so heated. i saw a 'friend' having a full scale row with ppl about easter and how if you believe in religion you are basically a moron. :( I love what you wore thoough. Very classical. xXx

    1. Its so silly!! Each to their own I say, who are we to judge what gets one person through life? As long as we're not rubbing it in each others faces 24/7 then its fine!! And thanks, I was a tad worried about what to wear, but there were people there dressed in all sorts! xxxx


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