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When I woke up this morning and thought of doing a post on nightwear, my initial reaction was that I had completely lost the plot. No one wants to read about pyjamas do they?..... Then I thought back over the month or so and realised I'd actually had lots of comments about from tweety peeps on how I should do a post on PJ's and how much they liked my much documented dressing gown..... I spend a LOT of time in my dressing gown, it's just so bloomin' warm and comfy!!

I LOVE my dressing gown.....

I've not been feeling too well the past couple of days so I seem to have spent a lot of time in pyjamas and dressing gown, and too be quite honest my favourite PJ's are starting to look a bit shabby so I thought I'd have a mooch around and bring you my faves around at the moment.

My first stop was Littlewoods as I have had so many great pyjamas from them in the past, their sorbet range in my opinion is just great, and I wasn't disappointed. Look at these cuties!!..

Littlewoods - Sorbet Short Sleeved Pyjamas

I haven't had any PJ's from Evans for years but these are just so sweet....

Evans - Rose and Spot Pyjamas
My other "go to" pyjama stop is Simply Be, for this one I decided to just pick some bottoms because if you're anything like me the tops normally end up in the bottom of a drawer and you end up wearing a favourite t-shirt or vest top with them instead!!

Simply Be - Lepel Printed PJ Bottom

So there you have it, I may have completely lost the plot and in a fog of poorly PJ madness cut my readership in half.... sorry about that folks!! 

Sad Face......

Do you wear PJ's or are you a nightie kinda gal?...... 
or maybe you sleep in the rudey nudey? Meowwwww!

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  1. Nope I Loooovvvveeee P'Js and I have loads of geeky comic T'shirts that I wear to bed, so bottoms are always good for me :)

  2. I am a total PJ fan - I change into them wehn I've got home from the gym etc, as I find them so much more comfortable to relax in. I only tend to buy / make bottoms though, as I always wwear just a vest as the top half. I love my dressing gown too, although it's getting a bit tatty.

  3. I wouldn't worry about losing readership...I'd say you're more likely to gain readers going by the recent number of tweets as people admit to working in their pjs (I assume these people are home based, otherwise I have missed a new workwear trend!)
    Feel better soon. x

  4. Ilove PJs I tend to change in to mine as soon as i get in. I have toy story ones and minnie mouse ones and at the moment i'm loveling my onesie :] in fact there is a picture of me wearing in on my blog so you are not alone with your love of sleepwear xxx

  5. I love my jimmers! I don't sleep in them though, just wear them around the house to relax in. My absolute favourite pair are green pink and white stripey bottoms from Gap. I got them from the outlet store and have been unable to find any since... Hope these ones don't fall apart on me!

    Love your dressing gown, I need one.

  6. I'm a PJs sort of girl, and I definitely tend to wear just the bottoms of a set and then a t-shirt that I already own...

    Love the dressing gown, my sister's got one similar but in purple...yours looks like it would be sooo comfy! Can't blame you for not wanting to wear anything else atm!

  7. You've not lost it, lots of people are partial to their pj's. I love working around the house in mine or just lying reading in them. I love to come home from a long day at work, jump in the shower and straight into my jammas before dinner!
    Feel better soonest!

  8. NZ houses are notoriously drafty and cold, and now we're into late autumn my flat is like a fridge. I'm rocking some fleecy PJ bottoms with big pink and blue skulls on them and a polyprop thermal longsleeve top. Sexy? No. Warm. DEFINITELY!

  9. I love PJ's too, and like a few have said I wear mine with a vest top or whatever t shirt I've worn through the day! It's great to change into pj's, take off my make up and jewellery and relax for the night! Bliss! I have a dressing gown similar to yours but mine is grey! Oh and I have to wear fluffy socks too, don't do cold feet!!

  10. I was looking at those simply be bottoms just last night but I opted for the pair that look more Cath Kidston rose print. i defo opt for one of Matt's t-shirts on the top half. xXx

  11. I LOVE that you're all as enamoured with PJ's as much as I am!!! You all rock!!! xxxxxx

  12. I sleep in the buff, I can't bear anything on me while I'm trying to sleep.

    But I do own some cute pj's for when I'm staying at other people's homes or have visitors. They have to be a cami top though because sleeves of any time would drive me up the wall!


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