Spotlight: Domino Dollhouse


In a world of dull there are so few shining lights in the plus size clothing world, and all too often we have to look overseas for something a little more unique and exciting. Domino Dollhouse takes plus clothing to the next level, a mix of rockabilly and punk styling, its latest collection "Rebel, Rebel" does not disappoint. Needless to say its whipped me up into a frenzy and I am currently thinking of ways to raise the money to buy it.... Kidney anyone?

Here's my picks from the new collection....

Seriously, I need this in my life, the skirt is making my lady parts all a flutter.......

Hi, can I be you?

Yeh thats right, grrrrrrrr

Stripe me happy........

The collection is due out this month, keep checking back with the site for specific timings, and then get right on it, I demand it!! *Goes for a lie down*

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  1. I think I need the stripe cardigan and the spotty back shirt

    1. I love it all, I want it all,xx

  2. I just love all of it and even the bits I wouldn't necessarily wear myself I love because they are bold and beautiful and everything plus size women want in a clothing range. If i had to HAVE anything i think it would be the dress with the spotty skirt! Gorgeous! xXx

  3. Love the spotty shirt !
    Heading to the website right now :)

  4. Gorgeous aren't they ladies?! xx

  5. GIANT GIRL CRUSHES. These ladies are hot and the shirt with the polkadot back and the leggings yum (both girl and outfit.) WOW x

  6. Oh, hullo great minds, thinking alike again, oui? These are my favs out of the collection too, although the entirely and completely out-there fierceness of the whole damn ruddy gorgeous collection makes me think that maybe I'm too girly-girly to pull these off!


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