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The world of the glossy is a strange one for a plus gal, page after page of exciting images and tantalising clothes.... but there's a problem, the girls whilst very beautiful, can be hard to identify with and the tantalising clothes don't come in our size.... balls.

But wait! Along came SLiNK, jam packed with a more familiar body shape, and when I saw a piece of clothing and checked where it was from, no longer was I filled with sadness that it wouldn't fit me, because low and behold, it blooming well would!

The first 4 issues of SLiNK are available to view on line, but for issue 5, Editor-in-Chief Rivkie Baum took the brave step of having it printed too, A-MAZ-ING!

Issue 5, like the past SLiNKs does not disappoint, the "Relationship Issue" (Don't let the name put you off, this is not some silly birds moaning about how their fella doesn't fancy them any more) looks at our relationships with our bodies, food, fashion and much, much more.

Not only does it talk about relationships there's a great interview with America's Next Top Models only plus size winner the very beautiful *GIRL CRUSH KLAXON* Whitney Thompson

And fashion, fashion and more fashion....

Issue 5 is available to buy right now and at £1 for a PDF or ePub edition and £3.95 for the printed version, there really is no excuse, get on it people, get on it!!!

Click here to buy your issue...

P.S. I *may* have written a little something in there too, but don't let that put you off........

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