Pretty Flamingo.....


Oh Mr George, why you make such pretty clothes? My purse can't handle it! You see, that's the problem with George, they are so cheap, you find a way to buy it.

When something's really expensive, I just write it off as never achievable, but when its a bargainous (yes that's a word) £10 I just can't resist, and when it looks like this? Hell I'll just not eat, who cares?!!

Thats right folks, its a shirt, it has flamingos on it, its blue and white, it has a tie neck, its jersey.....oh hell I might marry it and it can come and live in my house of polygamy with the Pixie flares from my Simply Be post

I've already introduced them and they seem to be getting on swimmingly, look!......

Jeans - Simply Be

I went for the 24 as I wanted to have room to tuck it in, but I think I should have got the 22, but I couldn't bare to send it back, it's wayyyy too pretty. 

It is quite long when not tucked in....

So there you have it. Can I wear it everyday please?

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  1. I'm completely in love and its really comfortable too xx

  2. It looks fab on you! So glad you treated yourself to it. X

  3. I love this and nearly brought it, but then i wanted shoes haha! Looks awesome on you! X

    1. Thanks Katy! Sometimes we have to make hard choices in life ;) xxx

  4. I want this! I seen it the other week and I love the other colour they have it in too! I may have to buy!

  5. Its very pretty and bargainous! XxX

  6. Gorgeousness!! I actually spied this in my local Asda and had to resist buying it!! But I now want both that and those jeans which I actually tried on at Doncaster...divine!

  7. OMG seriosuly adore this top!! I need it!!


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