OOTD: Peachy keen, jelly bean!


In my continued effort not to revert back to black in a vague hope it may encourage the weather to follow suit (ever the optimist), I decided to go with some peachy tones today. I was really into them a couple of years ago but didn't wear them much last spring/summer, but I'm starting to lean a bit more towards them again so I popped on my new cardi, simple white T and my trusty Pixie jeans.

Now let me tell you about Mazza, my wonderful if not a tad eccentric friend Mystic Mazza is so very talented at all things crafty, she makes the most beautiful paper crafts, she's and expert knitter and her crocheting is, well.... I'll let you judge for yourself... Mazza created this a couple of years ago as a prototype and I loved it, then last week whilst organising a photo shoot for my business I thought how perfect it would be for it, so I emailed and asked if she still had it and she very kindly sent it over to me. I couldn't wait until the photo shoot so I thought I'd pop it on today.

Cardigan - One Stop Plus
Tshirt - Asda
Jeans - Simply Be
Shoes - Littlewoods

Are you embracing your spring wardrobe yet or hanging onto your winter threads for just a bit longer?

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  1. I love this, its gorgeous. xXx

  2. That necklace really is awesome!!! <3

    1. I know right? she should make loads and sell them!! Although I do like the thought that I'm the only person with one!!

  3. I'm embracing the spring! Or at least my brain is....I find myself craving pastel, ice cream colours for clothes all the flipping time...that and a stylish yet lightweight mac....I've got spring fever bad!!

    But you look lovely, and your friend is very talented indeed....somehow even though the outfit is casual it still seems smart! Divine!

    1. He He Spring fever, I love it! Go with it Sara!! xxx

  4. I love this look! The peachy cardigan looks lovely on you and really brings out your eyes. And the necklace is awesome, your friend is so creative! :)

    Texas never gets much of a winter, and it's already pushing 80F here (27C), so I've long given up hope for my winter clothes. But I'm kind of ok with it, as it means I can wear the new spring/summer dresses I've bought. ;)


    1. Goodness yes!! I love the heat, I'm very envious!! Can'y wait to see all your dresses!! xx

  5. Love the cardie and that crochet necklace thingie is amazing! <3

    1. Ahh thank you, I'll let her know!! xxx

  6. pretty pretty!! The cardi is too cute! :) xx

  7. Hey!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Love your outfit its really pretty!

    I came across your blog today and just had to start following you... I think you are very pretty and have a cute style!

    If you have a few moments I'd appreciate it if you could have a look at mine and if you like it then follow!

    LoTs oF lOvE aNd HaPpInEsS


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