A Flare for fashion


I know, the titles just get cheesier and cheesier right? Oh well I have lifetime of them to share with you, get used to it!!

So, for the last 6-ish years when it comes to my choice of demin, my heart firmly belonged with the skinny.
In part because I love a turn up and in part because when they first came out all the style "guru's" said fat girls couldn't wear skinnies. Well F you "guru's" this fat girl's wearing skinnies, in your face!!!

Of late though I've had a hankering for a flare, to swoosh around like some kind of Charlie's Angels reject...

Yeah, thats right ladies, you *can* lunge in flares, no biggy!

So when I recently visited the new Simply Be store in Doncaster, I saw Pixie, our eyes met across a crowded shop floor and it was love at first sight....

then when I tried her on for size, it was lust at first sight too....

I mean, seriously... look at my bum!!! (big headed bitch)
So Pixie parades herself as a wide leg Jean, but because of my ample thighs she resides on me as a flare, exactly as I wanted.....Sorry I'll stop referring to the jeans as "her" now........

So when I got her,, sorry I mean them home, I teamed them with a floral top, leather belt and cardigan, I still need to get some more versatile wedges, but these ones will do for now and they went with the red tones in the top.

Top - Dorothy Perkins (Past Season)
Cardigan - Love Label @ Littlewoods (Past Season)
Belt - Simply Be

They totally take me out of my denim comfort zone, but I'm totally loving it!! Where's your denim comfort zone?

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  1. You are so beautiful, im jealous! You look awesome in those jeans! I think im a bootcut kinda girl, i love skinnies but im scared of them to, im very critical of myself and worry what people are thinking of me :( I' m trying to kick it! Going to look for some skinnies on ebay to save some money incase i don't get on with them!

    Katy xx

    1. Awww Katy ;') thank you so much!! You are so lovely!! Don't worry about other people, its really not worth the time or effort, keep working on our confidence, and tell yourself how amazing and beautiful you are everyday!!

      Definitely give the skinnies a go, tell me what you thought xxxx

    2. Being 5ft2 is not good lol but deffo going for them, and i sure am learning to love myself! Xx

  2. Seriously how sexy do you look! I think my glasses have steamed up. xx Love these jeans, I love a wide leg, but my hight means they always swamp me :( x

    1. LOL I've just got visions of you with steamy glasses now, you do make me chuckle! xxxxxx I think they probably are difficult to wear if you're shorter, but don't give up, they'll be a pair out there for you xx

    2. bahahaha, sorry, but you do look fabulous darling :) opened the oven earlier and they steamed right up then too :) xx

  3. You look stunning an dthe jeans look a perfect fit. I can't even chose a fave pair I love stright and skinny and boyfriend cut - anything a bit scruffy and i'm in love x

    1. Thanks Love!! It's good that you have denim variety in your life!! xx

  4. Do they have any stretch in them ?

  5. The jeans look fab on you and I like the top you've teamed them and the cute cardy! Beautiful lady! xXx

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