Five Take: 90's


This weeks five take sees us taking a trip down memory lane, well it did for me at least! Having been born in the latter part of 1979 I guess you could say the 90's were my formative years. I started senior (high) school in '91 and spent the first half of the 90's listening to rave music, wearing eclipse jeans and sweater shop jumpers, I used to back comb my fringe into a bizarre quiff and my fragrance of choice was exclamation! or Charlie.

Having asked the lovely folk of twitter what some of their trends were I was reminded of some corkers such as spaghetti strap dresses with white tshirts underneath with DM's, neutral linens (blurghhh) tartan trousers, long white shirts and cropped jumpers and the oh so subtle citrus brights....hmmmm.Check out #90sfashion for many more brilliant suggestions!!

I started college in '96, where I met my best friend Sara, she was achingly cool, she was the lead singer in a band and at the time was doing the 70's vintage kind of thing. As some of you will have seen I recently acquired a pair of flares having not worn any since then really, so I've taken inspiration from that time (a brilliant time spent driving around in her Datsun Cherry with cow print seat covers). I teamed my flares with my adidas trainers, which don't get much wear nowadays as the 90's were probably the last time I thought it was acceptable to wear trainers for all occasions!! I just popped on a simple vest top and in another nod to the 90's a bead necklace done up choker style. As with past themed/time period five takes I'm always weary of treading the line between a nod to the time period and full on fancy dress. I think I would loose the beads and add more modern jewellery for a more contemporary look

Vest - Love label
Jeans - Simply Be
Trainers - Adidas
Beads - Bowbangles.....LOL yeh thats right, way before Claires accersories

How very 90's 

What a knob!!
And just so you don't think I got off lightly, here is an embarrassing selection of photo's of me in the 90's.....GROAN......

Mmm beige

Me and my lovely friend Frankie (and my special waistcoat, denim dress combo)

Oh look another waistcoat.......BARF

So there you have it, go and have a peek at how the other Five Takers got on with their 90's challenge.....

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  1. Aaah, love the old pictures! They bring back good memories of my own. LOL I actually really like your 90's take. It's simple and easy, and would be a good foundation for a bunch of different outfits (without the trainers, that is). ;) Love it!

  2. OMG - you were so like me in the 90s! Like i said on Claire's blog, I really wanted to be a grunge girl and admired their style but i was very much all about the waistcoats, white shirts 3 sizes too big and linen trousers! I also have some very tragic pics that won't be aired anytime soon! Lol xXx

  3. How brave are you for putting your 90's pics on show to the blogosphere?! Mine have all been burnt...and that was a catastrophy in itself due to the copious amounts of hairspray radiating from most of the pics! Thanks for the walk down memory lane x

  4. lol I looooooooooovvvveee those 90's pictures!!! I've got some basically the same lol ;) xx

  5. Thanks ladies, glad you all enjoyed the pics HAHAHA!!!xxx


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