The winner takes it all.......


Are you getting fed up of my cheesy post titles yet?! Yeah, me too!!! But anyway, back to the matter at hand, as mentioned in my Plus London Two post I was very lucky indeed (well £5 worth of raffle tickets lucky!) to win one of the many fab prizes kindly supplied by all the wonderful sponsors. I was actually in the queue to have my boobies sorted by Elomi when the raffle was drawn, so my best friend Sara collected it for me...

So what did I win?!! I won huge bag of clothes from New Look Inspire, how good is that?!!

My Haul.....!

Animal Print Leggings - £12.99

Animal Print Top - £14.99

Aztec Print Top - £19.99 

Ikat print trousers - £19.99

Coloured Skinny Jeans - £19.99

Quilted Jacket - £22.99

Sheer Back Top - £14.99

Embellished Floral Cross top - £12.99

There you have it!!! I look forward to talking about them in a bit more detail over the coming months!! And of course a huge thank you to New Look who were so very generous with this and other raffle prizes!!

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  1. i looove the quilted jacket and patterned trousers! :) xx

    1. I love the trousers too!! they will feature in my next five take post!! ;) x

  2. oh some nice bits there. They aren't all your usual style so I'm interested to see how you wear them. x

  3. You got the jacket I want! It's lush isn't it! X

  4. Oh, the jeans! LOVE! What a huge pile of stuff you got, lucky lady! x

  5. Ohmygosh I NEED the animal print leggings!!! :D

  6. omg what a haul!!! Awesome! I love New Look Inspire! Can't wait to see you rocking these pieces!:)


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