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After yesterdays guest post, today's OOTD seems a tad futile, but in life there must be light and shade and lets face it this is a fashion blog, so fashion is what you get!!

I attended a afternoon course on marketing and sales today at the local business centre, I wasn't too sure what to wear, I wanted to look smart, but not too smart, after all I don't run a formal business, I'm not an executive, I run a tea party business, but even so!!

I decided on a jeans and jacket combo, with a splash of colour courtesy of New Look

Jacket - Simply Be (Past Season)
Stripe T-shirt - New Look
"Molly" High rise Jeans - South @ Littlewoods
Maroon wedges - Marks and Spencer (Past Season)  

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  1. I think you pulled off the casual business look really well. The shoes and blazer make it more business. Looking good lady :).

    Oh, and I have to mention that the shirt looks really good on you!!! (Since I tried it in this post: http://thewardrobechallenge.wordpress.com/2012/02/11/report-from-hm-and-new-look-fitting-rooms/ I thought that it looks horrifying on everyone.. turns out I was wrong. Pretty!)

    1. It's a bit of a meh top to be honest but I like the colourings, it's definitely better with the jacket x

  2. Lovely! I mentioned you in my most recent post sweet :)


    1. I've just seen!! Thank you! You look fab too!! Yey for jeans & dresses!! Lol x

  3. This is a look I really love, and if I had a jacket that wasnt hideous, it would be my staple (Plus-Size manufacturers, could you make me a tuxedo jacket who's fit is to die for? Ta.)

    But love that punch of colour, and I'd defy anyone that didnt take you seriously in this delightful business get up!

    1. Ahhh why thankyou!! I'm glad I snapped up that jacket, I've had it years now, so handy, even when I was pregnant, just used to bang it on over tshirts, instant glam!! X x

  4. This outfit is adorable! I'm such a sucker for stripes, and pairing the jeans with a jacket and heels is a great way to achieve business casual. Great job!

    Is that the new hair cut/style? Either way, super cute! :)


  5. I like this look a lot. Very cute top and jacket. ^^d

  6. Love this outfit, I've been looking for a jacket similar to this for ages, no such luck as of yet.

    Jess x


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