Mary, Mary!


She's the flame haired, sharp dressing, high street guru, known best to Joe Public for straight talking failing businesses back onto the path of success. More recently, Mary Portas has been commissioned by the government to lead an independent review into our failing high street.

Throughout all of this Mary has never lost her passion for fashion, last year she launched a clothing range at House of Fraser aimed at "grown up women who want contemporary fashion" - from a plus size point of view its a tad disappointing that these "grown up" women apparently don't come in any sizes larger than an 18, but this is indeed a story we are very familiar with. But worry ye not, Mary has also collaborated with Clark's shoes and her second collection for them was showcased this evening by Mary herself at the Oxford Street branch.So what can we expect? Work wear with an edge, vibrant wedges and a lot of snake print!

Now, now I know all you young pips are all thinking "BeBe, she's a 50 year old woman, Clark's is for the more mature ladies!" Yes I'm fully aware of this, but lets look at it like this, she's not any 50 year old woman, she's striking, she's stylish and dare I say quirky (yes I hate that word too), and as for Clark's? Come on people, they are a British institution, combining exceptional quality with a reasonable price point, so shush yeah?!

The stand out pieces of the range for me include.....

From Top left, clockwise.....
La Marianne - Coral - £79.99 Who can resist such a classic court in a vibrant coral?
La Wesley - Gold - £89.99 These are beautiful the gold colouring and the raffia like texture, just lush
La Peep - Black - £89.99 Block heel, peep toe, classic black, get in my wardrobe!!
La Peep - Lime - £89.99 As above but in eye popping luscious lime!
La Gigi - Tan - £79.99 A great strappy flat, will look fab with maxi's, chino's....
La Amelie - Lime - £89.99 Wedge-tastic, so cute with floaty summer dresses or huge flares...

You can view the collection in it's entirety here.....

In a time when the high street is saturated with "celebrity" brands, who else gets it right for you? 

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  1. I Love clarks, most of my boots come from there, they do so many fun and funky ankle boots in the winter, and this collaboration is stunning, loving the bright colours! xx

  2. I've got to say that my mum's 57 and definitely somebody who is stylish and cares about how she looks. She loves all the high street stores. Last year she bought some Mary Portas shoes from clarks. A very funky pair of leopard print courts from Mary's first collection. Yes i was jealous and wanted to steal them. My mum said they were so comfy and looked good with pretty much everything!!! Good to see she's keeping it up and bringing out another collection. Although i must say i think she might need to experiment with a few different styles! xx

    1. Yey for trendy mamma!! I love leopard print too! xx

  3. They look nice but as well as a plus sized body I have plus sized feet and have only recently discovered 'wide fitting' shoes and boots.... what a revelation, even the pain levels in my feet have decreased (and this is after years of visits to podiatrists etc). So along with plus sized clothing, I would like to request high street shoe shops to bring out wider shoes. I believe Clarks are all standard E fitting whereas I'm wearing EEE size but I can only buy online.

    1. Unfortunately this particular line is only available in an E fitting but they do have a EE range, could be worth a try.
      So glad to hear you got sorted eventually and luckily though there are more and more wide fitting ranges coming out xxx

    2. Thanks for the link. Looking at the site it appears that 'normal' fitness is actually a D, no wonder shoes haven't fitted me properly for years!!


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