Five Take: Valentines


Five take is a tad late this week. As the theme was valentines we thought we'd post it on the actual day.

I'll be completely honest, Michael and I don't celebrate valentines, I think we did the first year we we're together. If I remember rightly he made me a quorn lemon and honey stir fry....(I hate lemon and honey, I didn't tell him until years later!!), served up champagne and bought me choccies. All very sweet, but he's very sweet most of the time, so I'm lucky in that fact!

Now we have Poppy we don't really get the opportunity to go out that often either, so I thought about what we might do, if we were to go out for valentines. I think we'd probably go to the cinema, no, not very original, but we get to snuggle up and have some quiet time, so suits us both!....But as we have no baby sitter and no money at the moment I had to play dress up!!!

Jacket - Simply Be (past season)
Trousers - New Look
Top - New Look

I wanted to try a couple of my items from the goodie bag I won at Plus London, I'm not totally sold on them yet, which is a shame because they we're my favourites out of the whole bag, but the trouser are very thin so I'm looking forward to wearing them over the summer with sandals. On the plus side Michael liked the outfit because, and I quote "its nice and clingy!" Boys!!! *tuts*

I did however, despite not celebrating valentines, wear a little heart pendant! All together now..."Ahhhhhhh"

Go and check out how the other five takers are celebrating and dressing for valentines....

What does valentines mean to you, is it significant to your relationship? 

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  1. I really like those trousers! Shame if they really are that thin though... The print is lovely!

    I agree with Michael. I like it beacause it is clingy!

    K xx

    1. Ha ha, you would. Perv! X x x

  2. I love the trousers too! They look amazing on you Becky :)


  3. The outfit looks fab! Love it and I really like the trousers. Much more "valentines" than my outfit.

  4. Love those pants!!! They are so cool!!!

    1. Thank you! I think they'll grow on me, just need to find different ways of styling them!! X x

  5. The trousers look really good on you, but I think personally I'd be wary to wear them, especially if they are that thin. But you did a great job styling them. It's a sassy look, which is definitely great for Valentine's Day! :)


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