Five Take: Tribal


Ooh its always a bit dicey when we Five Take a theme or time period because I'm concerned about the thin line between a nod to a theme and just looking like you've rocked up to a fancy dress party.

When I saw we were going to do tribal this week I automatically thought of this "So Fabulous!" shrug I've had for a couple of years, it definitely has more than a feel of the tribal about it. I'd originally teamed it with a midi tube skirt and vest but it just didn't look right, so I went with my trusty Simply Be Chloe Jeans.
The collar necklace is good old Primark, accessories wise, I think I should have loaded my arms up with heaps of bangles but I'm not sure where I've put them all (oops messy BeBe)

Please excuse the arty outstretched arm shots, I just wanted you to get an idea of the shape of the shrug and the colours!!

Shrug - So Fabulous @ Littlewoods (past season)
Vest - George @ Asda
Jeans - Simply Be
Shoe Boots - eBay
Collar necklace - Primark

Head on over to the other Five Takers and see how they tackled tribal:

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  1. gorgeous! not a massive shrug fan, well apart from this one which is lovely!

    But I agree it needs loads of bangles....either that or a huge statement necklace....

  2. Looking flipping fab as always! I love how you have kept the outfit completely plain black apart from the very busy shrug - looks great! Any other way would not have worked at all. PS Your eyes are heavenly x

    1. I have worn in with normal blue jeans and white vest and neutral shoes, but that's a much more summery look, but I think I prefer the black too!! and thank you! I do like the eyes! A turkish man once said to me "your eyes, they are beautiful, are they real?" I knew what he meant, but being the lairy cow I am, I turned around and said "no, I put them in a F*@king jar every night!" I don't think he was too impressed!! LOL xxx

  3. Boy, I really like that shrug! Tribal is something I don't usually wear, but I like the look on you.

  4. You look gorgeous, love the shrug (so regret not getting it now *doh!*)!

    1. Oh no LaCara! It is a great item, maybe one will appear on eBay?! :)


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