Five Take: Neutrals


Five take time!! For my lovely new followers, Five take is a group of five bloggers made up of myself, Gina, Claire, Rebecca and Nicole, each week we take an agreed theme and each "do" our own version of said theme! Phew, right, now we've clarified that, onto this weeks theme - Neutrals. I'll admit I did a wee groan when I saw it, as I don't have much in my wardrobe in that palette and those bits that I do, I wouldn't wear them as an ensemble. So what I've pulled together is not my finest hour, and think it has a hint of "soccer mom" about it, ah well, you win some, you lose some!!

Jumper - New Look (past season)
Denim Shirt - South @ Littlewoods (past season)
Skinny combats - South @ Littlewoods (past season)
Loafers -  Florence and Fred (past season) 

I'm a bit run down at the moment so I've been looking a bit of a misery guts in my pics. My hair and skin aren't great and it really gets me down! I've bought loads of veges, salad and fruit today though so I'm hoping I can eat myself back to health!!!

Why not head over to the other Five Takers to see if they look any chirpier than me!!! - I'm sure they are!

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  1. I like how you've brought the denim shirt in the outfit, it brings it 'alive' :)!

    Hope you'll feel better soon my lovely!!!


  2. I really like the outfit. Its very "glam traveller (as shown in DP vid - The slouchy top is something I would wear. By the way - where are the items from? Also the skirt you wore yesterday?

    1. Thanks love you're completely right, I'm a little off my game at the moment, but I've made some quick amendments to both posts regarding where I got them from, glad you like!! See what you mean about the glam traveller look, think it was just a little out of my comfort zone, similar to what you said about hoe you felt about neutrals last year!!

  3. must dig out my denim shirt! although no idea where it is! You will soon be back on form, hope you feel better soon,
    w x

  4. I really love this look....the slouchy casualness to it is something I like personally, but then I like how it also manages to be smart and feminine at the same time!


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