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This is part rant, part review...! Now I like a competition as much as the next gal, if I'm watching TV and the urge takes me I may occasionally text in, and if a competition pops up in my time line on twitter, I may give it a cheeky RT. This Friday I was lucky enough to win a beautiful book about Vintage Fashion, (more about that in a sec).

For the competitions I'm not lucky enough to win, if the winners identity is tweeted I like to have sneaky peek at the winners profile....don't judge, it's the the nosey neighbour within me trying to escape!!

The past few competitions I haven't won, when looking at the winners, they have all been professional "competitioners" those whose soul purpose on twitter is to enter competitions. No interaction with followers, just RT after RT. I appreciate there are no rules to twitter and each to their own, but it's just so frustrating when these types win competitions!!

Anyway rant over, because despite my annoyance at others winnings, as mentioned, I too was lucky enough to win a competition, my prize?

The beautiful "Vintage Fashion - collecting and wearing designer classics" with a foreword by her royal wackiness herself Zandra Rhodes.

The book itself is a fairly hefty and glossy collection of some of the most beautiful vintage pieces I've seen. It chronicles each decade starting with the 20's, dissecting key pieces, focusing on details and workmanship, it also highlights the key trends and shapes of the decade on a handy collage page.

It really is a delight to read and a must have for any vintage addicts.

The cover

1930's uber glam
Another 1930's triumph
1940's prints
The 1970's do the 1940's an amazing YSL tea dress that would not look out of place in topshop today

And finally a nod to the crazy 80's with more than a whiff of Mel and Kim....."Tay, Tay, Tay, Tay, ttttt tay tay"
A huge thanks to Carlton Books check their twitter account @carltonbooksPR  for latest releases and more great competitions!!

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  1. I must get my hands on this book, it looks so fab :)

  2. That YSL dress is to die for! I do covet this book. :O


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