Earth Shattering....


Ok, not quite, but pretty cool all the same.

Now I know I'm incredibly late to the party, and I am not a beauty blogger by any stretch of the imagination, but; I bought a couple of OPI shatter varnishes from eBay the other day, and I thought I'd show you the results of one of the combos I tried out...

I applied two coats of Rimmels Lycra Pro in shade 500 Peppermint before adding the navy OPI shatter on top...

Rimmel Lycra Pro Shade 500 Peppermint

Base Coat

OPI Shatter - Navy

The end result

I quite like how it's turned out, I'm looking forward to trying a coral and navy combo, this springs hot colours!!

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  1. Been wanting to try those OPI shatter polishes for a while now. You may have just convinced me to finally take the plunge...though I'll have to wait until my frugal February challenge is over! :-(

  2. ooo i love the navy colour i have the Barry M ones but they go all gloopsy! :)


  3. They're really good, I picked them up from eBay for around £6 too so not too pricy!! X x

  4. I love those colours! I tried the Barry M one and the same happened for me, went all stodgy.

    Very pretty!x


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