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Inspired by the wonderful Wendy over at http://52-46-54.blogspot.com/ I thought it might be helpful to reveal my stats.
I think it's so helpful especially when doing reviews if you have a rough idea of my stats and the size I ordered, you can then judge for yourself if it will fit, or what size you might like to order for yourself....

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 17 stone (approx, I don't own scales!)
Bust: 48 inches
Waist: 44 inches
Hips: 54 inches

On the whole I'm a dress size 22 (UK) but dependant on cut/fabric I can go below or above this.

Personally I'd like to see a lot more "size honesty" purely for clothing purposes, but I can totally understand how some people may be uncomfortable with this notion. But if you're not....I ask....what's your stats?

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  1. Hi,

    I measured myself for a similar reason the other day:

    Height: 5'9
    Bust: 48"
    Waist: 38"
    Hips: 51"

    Weight (just under 19 stone).

    Size - Approx a 22 UK. Although again, sometimes I need to go higher / lower than this.

    K xx

  2. Brilliant, thanks for sharing Kathryn! X x

  3. Here, for posterity, science, whatever are mine:

    Height: 5' 5 1/2" (that half inch is VERY important if all your family are 5' 8"+ !!)
    Bust: 48"
    Waist: 40"
    Hips: 51"

    Weight: around 18 - 19 stone. Haven't weighed myself in a while because I refuse to own a set of scales :)

    Size: Varies a lot depending on store *grinds teeth*... Around a UK 20 though in Monsoon 18 comes up roomy and in M&S a 22 is a squeeze *sighs*

  4. That's great, it just goes to show the huge discrepancy in sizing in the stores! Thanks x x

  5. Hi, my family work in fashion and the reason your clothes size varies shop to shop is mainly due to most retailers basing their sizing on a 1950's size 12 and upping or downsizing by 2 inches for each dress size but this is also hugely affected by the cut of the fabric and retailers wanting to get more clothes out of a fabric sample to cut costs so it can be really hit & miss. More expensive retailers will probably be closer to your size than cheaper ones due to this.

    As an aside my measurements are 54-46-54 and a size 24/26 xx

  6. That's really interesting thanks Jo, nice to hear some insider knowledge!! X x

  7. I am a 5ft Redhead, dont have my stats but my weight is currently around 11st 7lb and I am a dress size UK 18.

  8. Thanks honey! Nice to hear everyone's stats!! X

  9. I don't know my stats (looking forward to a proper bra measuring at Plus London Two) but I'm about 19 stone and wear a size 26 - that tends to stay the same in most places I shop in. x

  10. Oh god yeh me to Tracey!! Can't wait to get the pups into a safe home!! Lol x x

  11. I measured myself for a post comparing my size to shop measurement charts and whatnot a while back, but there's margin for error as measured myself and I'm not brilliant at it!

    Height: 5'7
    Bust: 51"
    Waist: 49"
    Hips: 62"

    Absolutely no clue to how much I weigh, because I avoid scales as a thing to not send my mind all funny (go on how my clothes feel, rather than anything else). I wear a size 26-28 at Evans, 24/26 in New Look and 26/28 in Yours....Simply Be I've got stuff in 26-28 but its all been a little big on me....I've lost a slight bit of weight lately because am trying to get healthy, and thus I now am nowhere near as certain as I was on my sizes!

  12. I dont think there is a tape measure long enough for my hips lol !!!!

  13. Ooh fab measurements! Will look at your past posts n check out the post you refer to!! And Joanna, don't be daft! X x

  14. Thanks for the awesome mention! I thought long and hard about a blog title, I did consider many cutesy names but in the end thought it might be useful for comparison purposes! I'm not sure I know what 'size' I am any more as I have so many different labels in my wardrobe. generally 20-22 seems to cover most casual things and 22-24 more dressy things where there's little or no stretch.
    It's interesting I'm in team Gok, I think shape is much more important than size!


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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