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In case you haven't noticed it's January, or what like to call "fat bashing" month. That time of year the weight loss industry and media like to take advantage of people's "over indulgences" over the festive period to make them a pretty penny.

I don't begrudge anyone trying to lose weight, god knows I've done every diet going, diet pills (legal & illegal), developed a delightful eating disorder and had a gastric bypass all in the name of achieving the "ideal". But for someone who is finally, after years of abuse, coming to terms with her body, and learning love, appreciate and cherish what she was born with, I do find it distressing when people are so disgusted with their own bodies they feel the need to restrict themselves and deny themselves.

The rational part of my brain says that weight and weight loss are personal to that individual, but the not so rational side of my brain takes it as a personal attack, because surely if you're repulsed by your body/don't want to be fat for your wedding/weigh considerably less than me already yet call yourself fat....then surely you find me disgusting/think I shouldn't have got married in a size 22 dress, and at several stone more than you must be the most grotesque beached whale that there ever was! Irrational? Yes. True? Maybe. Easy to deal with? No.

Now; I'm not for one second suggesting you shouldn't voice your desire to lose weight, chart your journey, or discuss your efforts via blogs and twitter, it's a free country, we all have the right to talk about things personal to us, as am I, but can I just say one thing? You are beautiful inside and out, no amount of weight on or off will change that because you are a person. Fat, thin, tall, short, wonky, lanky, the blummin' lot!!!!

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  1. Very well said - listen to your body - if you want to 'get healthy' and 'get fit' that is different to 'losing weight'


  2. It's depressing isn't it. If and when I want to lose weight I will and won't be held to ransom by January diets, new years resolutions and celeb dvds! Amen! x

  3. Well said!!! Lovely post and lovely blog!

  4. Thanks for your ladies, I just had to get it off my chest and I really don't want to offend anyone, but I guess I have as much right to talk about it then anyone else!! X

  5. I love food and drink, some days I'm pretty unhappy with the way I look but I'm not going to get majorly hung up on it long term. I'd love to lose weight and fit into my 'thin' clothes (even though I've never really been thin!) I just want to feel healthy :)

    Crash diets and fads don't do it for me. Just switching from beer to vodka alone lost me a stone last year without me really feeling deprived!

    When I'm having a fat day and feeling bad about myself, I only ever see myself in that way - I wouldn't dream of looking at someone else (who may actually be bigger than me) and thinking they looked fat. Everyone is different and I accept that - I think I just spend too much time with myself and start nit-picking at my appearance!

    Woooh - you've got me ranting now!

    Em xx


  6. I love inducing other people's rants!! Get your rant on!! All rants welcome here x x

  7. It does my head in at this time of year. It's not just people talking about their own plans and experiences, it's the whole language of fat being bad, dirty, sinful, ugly, etc that casts on everyone else's bodies rather than just their own. Yet of course, if you pull anyone up on it, they get all offended and suggest you're policing their behaviour.

    Yeah right.

  8. Tricky topic for me because I have a 'plus size' blog and a health/diet/fitness blog. I have always been confident and happy BUT I get really angry that most of those clothes made for people my size are ugly tunics and long skirts. ANGER!! The range of clothes on offer to me is one of the reasons I'm losing weight.
    I have lost quite a bit, is my life better? am I dating a rock star? do people treat me differently? NO I can just shop at more places. I don't like the January guilt peopple/tv/magazines try and impose on you. So what I overindulged at Christmas, I'm human.
    I have no idea what I'm saying anymore.I don't think I even made a valid point about anything, oh well!

    1. Hi Gem!! All musings and opinions are welcome here!! LOL I know what you mean, I went from a size 30 to a 20/22 and my shopping options opened up no end, but its such a shame people should feel pressurised to lose weight in order to have access to basic things like fashion!!! xx


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