Review: Simply Be, Jersey Printed Shirt


In the last of my series of reviews for Simply Be I'm reviewing the Jersey Printed Shirt. I chose this for a couple of reasons, I love the look of shirts but sometimes find them a bit restrictive, but because this was jersey it really appealed to me. I also liked the unusual print and dipped hemline.

The shirt is not anywhere near as long on me as it appears to be on the model, I'm thinking I should have gone up to a 24 to get that more loose casual look, When the shirt arrived the print took me by surprise, for some reason in my head I thought it was less "busy" but once I'd actually took it out the packet and put it on I actually really liked it, but I don't think its for the faint hearted!!! I teamed the shirt with some shorts, thick black tights and cute lace up heels, but I think it would look great with some black skinny jeans like the ones I reviewed for Simply Be here. I just love how its one of those pieces that can be worn casual but still make you feel smart and "dressed".

I have thoroughly enjoyed my run of Simply Be reviews, I hope they've maybe helped you visualise what the clothes look like on a larger model (Ha!! I'm not proclaiming to be a model, although *ahem*....wouldn't say no!!) Keep checking back for more reviews guys! xx

Disclaimer: This item was gifted to me for review. I have not been paid to write this article or comment favourably on the item/brand, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I think that this is such a cute look. I really like how busy the shirt is and how you chose to pair it with the shorts, tights, and shoes. Your hair is really cute up as well.

    I'm stopping by from and I've subscribed. I'll definitely be stopping by regularly!

    Je Tuan Lavyonne

  2. Thanks Je Tuan for your comments, look forward to hearing more from you. I'll be sure to head on over to your website and check it out x B x

  3. Love it looks great on u! Xx

  4. I've been umming and ahhing over this shirt for a while....I've liked it enough to catch my eye, but not to buy it...

    Its the second time I've seen someone blog it this week, and both of you look equally fab and wear it with shorts, oddly! I agree that its just the sort of thing to wear with black skinnies or trousers, and I might have to just get myself one! I am definitely not the faint hearted sort, it seems! ;p

    1. Oooh spooky!! LOL its really great on, go for it!! xxx


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