Review: Maritsota, Printed Kimono Dress


I was so chuffed when the people over at Marisota agreed to send me a peice to review, because I went to them with a specific idea in mind. Although Marisota is part of the same family as brands such as Simply Be and Fashion World, I don't think they'll mind me saying the majority of their pieces are aimed at a more more mature market. With this in mind, I wanted to take an item from their collection and style it on a (relatively) young person (me, 32) and a more mature lady....... Introducing, Mama JuJu!!! Yes folks its my mummy!!! After much consideration, Mum and I decided on the Printed Kimono Dress

Mama JuJu!!!

At just shy of 5'2" and a dress size bigger than me, I thought it would be nice to see the comparison in body shape as well as age.

First up is my interpretation of the dress. I wore it with thick black tights, knee high boots, black belt and orange geometric necklace.....

I wouldn't normally wear this style of dress, but it felt so nice on. I like how it came with a plain black slip underneath, and even thought it was a size 24, the kimono style lends itself to a looser fit. I'm 5'7" so it came up relatively short on me, I personally would wear it with out leggings or opaque tights, the varied colours makes it great to wear with different coloured tights too, I would definitely go for a maroon or teal pair of tights with this dress. It just felt lovely on too!

Now for Mums take on it......


Mum decided to team the dress with some simple black bootcut trousers, pointed boots and teal necklace. As you can see it comes up a lot longer on my 5'2" mum, aspects she particularly liked was the quality of the finish (things mums notice!!) her favourite feature was the modesty panel though, mums not one for flashing her cleavage, so for her this was just great. It's a little out of mums comfort zone too as she's not used to such a bold print, but she fell in love with it when she tried it on and safe to say she went home a very happy lady!!

Whilst choosing this piece to review I was also lucky enough to pick something from the beautiful Joanna Hope line as my Plus London Two dress, so keep your eyes open for my review on that.

Disclaimer: This item was gifted to me for review. I have not been paid to write this article or comment favourably on the item/brand, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, oh mystic one, I shall pass your compliment on to Ju xx

  2. What a cool idea! And well done to your mum for agreeing!

    1. I'm so very proud of her, she was very concious and when I told her the post was up today, she said she'd look, but didn't want to see her ugly mug (wonder where I got that from?!!) Then she text me later to say, she loved it and didn't look as bad as she thought. I guess it's the reality of seeing yourself on the screen and realising you are ok.

  3. Gorgeous on both of you!! And such a fab idea....I wonder if I could persuade my mum to do the same....she'd never style something the same as me in a million years!

  4. What a great idea. You both look fantastic x


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