Review: Daxon, Quilted Jacket


I'll be completely honest, when Daxon approached me (and many other plus size bloggers) I wasn't sure I was the right person to review the range. My first impression was that it looked a little too "mature" for my taste, and that impression, in part, still stands. That is in no way a bad thing, I think most brands lean towards a certain target market. But what I will say is that on further investigation I found they had some good basics, but maybe have a way to go until their plus size clothing range finds its feet.

I chose to review the quilted jacket, a long standing classic amongst the "country set" for many years, but this season has been revived as part of the "heritage" trend.

I appear to have applied way too much make up....
Quilted Jacket worn with striped tee, dark green jeans and black and white Miss L Fire Miller loafers

I found the quality to be outstanding, the feel of the material was great and the overall finish faultless. I particularly liked the cord detail on the collar and cuffs.

The coat is cut to be fitted at the waist, I am a fairly true to size 22 and found it to be snug, I would suggest if you have larger boobies or prefer a more relaxed fit to size up.

In terms of practicality it's a great coat to slip on when doing a bit of shopping or heading out for a walk. It's very warm and snug and feels soft to the touch.

Disclaimer: This item was gifted to me for review. I have not been paid to write this article or comment favourably on the item/brand, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I refused the daxon review ,like yourself i thought i t was too mature for me i didnt really look around the site properly but that coat looks nice and snug that is something i would wear x

  2. I really was in 2 minds, but I felt if they wanted to start appealing to a younger market I could maybe help them (I'm all heart you see LOL)xxx

  3. Lol !! heart of stone me !!gotta be fair think the jacket does look good quality .

  4. It is, compared to the ones I've seen in all the high street shops and supermarkets x

  5. Hiya,

    This look great on you :-) And a lovely colour too as it brings out your blue eyes.

    As Joanna said, the jacket looks to be of lovely quality but for me I would prefer something a little longer.

    Interesting Daxon move though - there are a lot of more 'mature' shops, both online and in the high street, who sell excellent basic items for all ages but are being overlooked as people assume they are only for a certain age group. I for one have bought some lovely items from Roman Originals, which is another brand people think are not for younger people.

    Or maybe I am not considered young anymore!! x


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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