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Oooh I do love a good print, so I'm happy to see they play a prominent part in SS12 trends, although lets be fair regardless of whether its in fashion or not, I'm always gonna be a sucker for a bit of  leopard print, or a lovely bird print.

Here are my current high street faves.....

1. Asda - Heart Print Blouse - £11.00 Ermm thank you, yes you're welcome. It's fluffing gorgeous isn't it? Unfortunately the 22 & 24 are out of stock online, but I urge you, like me to run down to your local Asda and buy it.....and if they have a 22 or 24 get me one and I'll pay you back!!

2. Dorothy Perkins - Humming Bird Tee - £18.00 I love this too, anyone want to lend me some cash please?...

3. Simply Be - Floral Print Jumpsuit - £48.00 I'm a bit partial to a jumpsuit as you can see here on one of my very first posts, people, its like wearing pyjama's in public, but smarter and socially acceptable!

4. So Fabulous - Floral Crochet Top - £15.00 Such a pretty little top, so easy to wear.

5. Simply Be - Georgette Print Kimono - £26.00 This is such a great flexible piece for hazy summer evenings, or even lazy summer afternoons in the park to keep the sun off your shoulders.......(one can dream)

6. Tesco - Ha Ha Print Dress - £10.00 Love this striking Aztec style print, unfortunately this dress only goes up to a 20, but should you be of that size, this is half price at the moment and can be picked up at the bargain price of £10!

7. Tesco - Floral Tea Dress - £16.00 Had to throw a little tea dress in for good measure, and this one is a complete cutie!

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  1. yes please to all except the jumpsuit (they never look good on me!) and the sleeveless Tesco top...its weird, lately I've been drooling over anything printed...reckon its because I've denied myself for so long, that now I let into my wardrobe, my brain has gone made for it!


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