OOTD - Old Favourite


Since we moved house back in October, a few of my favourite bits of clothing have gone walkies. Who knows where, and why? but they are definitely at the least "misplaced". So you can imagine my joy when my favourite slouchy vest reappeared last week. Great for slinging on top of jeans and black t-shirts. Its an oldy, but a goody!! Its another prime example of don't trust the sizing, its an 18 from New Looks "straight" size range. (about 3 years old too)

Have you got a "go to" piece, comfortable but presentable?

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  1. yes! For me I've got a collection of white tops with three quarter sleeves that I chuck on and then stick a cardi on top when I cant be entirely arsed! I've also a nautical top that I wear alot for such presentable but casual occasions!

  2. A black top from Evans that is just worn to death. I think it's gonna have to go soon as I noticed a little hole. :0( Cute top btw! x


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